PC makers skimping out on RAM


10 years ago, 2 or 4 GB of RAM was decent and very good. Over the years, applications have become bigger, and so has the need for more RAM. Now, 16GB is not even enough for some. People are putting 32GB or even 64GB of RAM, which is crazy!

Now, with Windows becoming less resource intensive. PC manufacturers have been shipping lower end PCs with only 2GB of RAM. This has to end, now! PC Makers should be putting a minimum of 4GB of RAM in low end PCs. 2GB of RAM just will not cut it anymore. Even with web browsing, having multiple tabs, will consume a lot of memory. Some (small) Windows tablets had a shocking 1GB of RAM, which is inexcusable. I still see some new Windows tablets, with only 1GB of RAM.

Just imagine, someone who bought a brand new laptop, last black Friday, with only 2GB of RAM, loaded with crapware. Then they try, web browsing. Then down the road, install other programs. It would be horrible experience.

Manufacturers need to stop shipping out 2GB of RAM, in low end laptops. How much does it truly cost, to add 2GB more of RAM? Many laptops have RAM soldered in, so something with so little RAM, is old right out of the gate. There is really no excuse to shortchange PC buyers with such measly RAM installed. If adding 2GB of RAM increases the price by $20, so be it..

Even though Windows now can technically run on 2GB RAM, and run acceptably for web browsing. Microsoft should increase the requirements of Windows to 4GB, to make for a pleasurable, and flawless computing experience. By increasing the requirements, it will force PC manufacturers, to stop offering 2GB of RAM in low end $200 laptops.

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