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Guys (and gals),

Don’t, just don’t, keep coffee near your PC.

After years of being accident free, I finally did it again and spilled wake up juice all over my Microsoft Sculpt keyboard.

The hunt for a new keyboard/mouse combo now begins … so many options … I wonder what I’ll get?

(Right now I’m using an old spare, but I’d rather have a new set of something, even if it’s not the same make/model.)

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  1. harmjr

    At least it was not a Surface Laptop!

  2. hrlngrv

    You actually saw sparks fly?

    If you have a large enough plastic bin to fit your keyboard, consider buying 5 pounds/2 kg rice, spread 1/3 of that on the bottom of the bin, then put your keyboard in, then spread the rest on top. Cover with a garbage bag and either the bin's lid or books sufficient to hold down the garbage bag. Give it a week. The rice should have sucked nearly all the moisture out of the keyboard.

  3. wright_is

    Did you take the batteries out straight away? If you let it dry out, it might work again. Although, if there was sugar in the coffee, it might be worth rinsing off the keyboard before drying it out - hglngrv's method with the rice is your best bet.

    Unlike my daughter's MacBook Pro, she was at uni and her lecture ended and she threw her notebook and coffee flask in her backpack, only she forgot to seal the coffee flask! By the time she got home, the MacBook Pro had a wonderful Mandelbrot like patterrn across the display. The sugar had coated all the electronics and I couldn't even resuce her data from the HDD.

    I'm back to using a Microsoft Natural Multimedia from around 2003 on my home machine.

    I have a Sculpt, which I am considering for work, but I prefer my Logi MX Master 2 mouse, which is Bluetooth and the Sculpt interferes with it. I'm seriously considering the new Surface Ergonomic.

    A friend of mine had an old Siemens mechanical keyboard and he used to smoke and eat over the keyboard, he'd bung it through the dishwasher every 6 months or so. It lasted him well over a decade.

  4. FalseAgent

    so now's your chance to get a spill-resistant keyboard, there's no need to give up coffee near your PC :)

  5. ErichK

    Actually I'm using this as an excuse to go back to a gaming keyboard ... I ended up ordering a Rosewill keyboard/mouse combo for only $38.

  6. Paul Thurrott

    I have probably done the same a dozen times.

  7. Chris_Kez

    Maybe switch to iced coffee and this: