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Hello all,

I’m wondering if some more technical people on the site would help me out regarding router and security.  I recently have been experiencing slow downs on my network (using a Nighthawk X6 as a router) at certain times of the day.  When playing games the ping is really bad when in the past it has been excellent. Running speedtest on another machine I find that I am getting the download speeds I have signed up for.  I used the netgear genie app and all devices on the network were accounted for. 

My question is if someone or something was hacking my router would a low speedtest be an indication?  Anyone familiar with Nmap and is it user friendly?  Thanks in advance.

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    EDIT: oof re-read and another device is getting the right speeds.


    You need to be more specific with info on this.  Is the device that is getting full speed wired or wireless?  Is the device that you're having trouble with always stationary, or is it happening in different parts of the house?  What's your Wifi signal like?  Do you have any apps that run at certain times of day that could be using significant bandwidth?


    there are really a lot of different things this could be.

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