Stickers on Laptops


First off, why?

Second, why do they have to use industrial strength adhesive? I just bought a MSI GS65 Stealth from Best Buy (cool rig, open box return as usual, saved $500). You’d think pulling the stickers off would be easy. Fingernail under and in the trash it goes. Nope.

The Intel sticker was the simply mutant in how it bonded to the shell. Maybe I should’ve pointed a hair dryer at it first?

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  1. joeaxberg

    Edit: I'm talking about the factory stickers on a laptop out of the box.

  2. bob_shutts

    Use GooGone.

  3. innitrichie

    They are annoying. I've been trying to get the Apple logo stuck on the home computer off and it seems like it's almost engraved even when I chisel away at it.

  4. nfeed2000t

    MFGs, stop placing terrible stickers on laptops or TVs! I even feel sorry for the folks who slap a "Clean Air Vehicle" sticker on their beautiful red Tesla so they can use the car-pool lanes in California.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to nfeed2000t:

      What, you expect Teslas and other all-electric cars to have transmitters like LoJacks and HOV lanes to have receivers which could confirm eligibility and if not take photos of ineligible vehicles' license plates? That is, you expect companies and governments to incur serious costs rather than maybe US$0.03 per vehicle for stickers?

      At least vehicle HOV lane eligibility stickers on autos serves some greater purpose. Stickers on electronic devices is purely useless advertising.

  5. illuminated

    Sticker with the exact model of CPU would be somewhat useful. Now it is just an Intel.

  6. jimchamplin

    Oh, it goes very far.

    There's an "Intel Xeon Inside" sticker on my Thinkstation S20.

    That sticker is a decade old, and it looks better than the entire rest of the machine, which is an off-lease system that has definite signs of use. The machine looks ten years old. The sticker looks like someone put it on there this morning.

  7. Paul Thurrott

    Terry Myerson hated the Intel stickers and told me that he wouldn't rest until they were no longer a requirement for PC makers. Obviously, that never happened. But it's pretty clear there are no fans of these stupid things. Except, probably, at Intel.

  8. Greg Green

    The open box deals are great, and yours is really great. A third off?

    Your laptop is a little powerhouse with that i7 and a 1060/6gb. Congratulations!

  9. wright_is

    Yes, I hate it. This process usually takes longer than installing our standard image on the new laptop, including our base software.