Surface Laptop 3 (13.5 in) vs New Dell XPS 13 (7390)


Starting a new job in the new year, and my employer gives a $1500 allowance to buy a laptop. I was thinking the XPS 13 was a good way to go, but on a whim I checked out the new Surface Laptop 3, and it would seem you get a lot more for the money. Would be curious if anyone has experience with either or both devices? I’m also open to other suggestions. (I already have a ThinkPad I use for my side business, so I’d like to get a different device just because…) Thanks!

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Very much prefer the Surface Laptop for its keyboard, touchpad, and display.

  2. thejoefin

    I just made this choice personally and I went for the Surface Laptop 3, a big reason was the 3:2 screen ratio which gives more vertical space for content creation.

  3. OurManInNY

    I have an SL-3 and love it. No issues whatsoever. Plus a second for the 3:2 screen.

  4. anderb

    The XPS 13 is serviceable. The SL3 isn't. When the battery starts failing in the Dell you can replace it yourself. When the battery starts failing in the Surface, MS expect you to buy a new Surface.

  5. rob_segal

    I can't recommend a PC that doesn't have a USB-C thunderbolt 3 port, especially if it will be used for work. You can get the XPS 13 and it will work with any thunderbolt 3 dock you can buy. Surface has a worse docking solution.

  6. jchampeau

    I've been comparing the specs and reviews of these exact two devices myself for quite some time. There's something undeniably sexy about the Surface Laptop 3. But maybe 1 out of every 15 or 20 customer meetings I really miss my old XPS 13 2-in-1's ability to do "tent mode" and sit at a lunch or dinner table with a colleague or customer and flip through slides or a PDF without having to rearrange all the plates and drinks. And every time I'm on a plane and want to watch some downloaded content, I long for the tent mode option so I can put the thing on the tray table and have the screen at a tolerable angle. For me, the 2-in-1 design with a permanently attached keyboard is the optimal design and it's the one thing Microsoft doesn't offer.

  7. simont

    XPS 13 does have a better port selection including Thunderbolt 3 and is slightly more self repairable. But I still went for a SL3

  8. wright_is

    What do you want to do with it? Does it have to conform to any company standards?

    We have standardised on Thunderbolt3 docks, for example, so the Microsoft Surface range is a non-starter for us, for example.

    For business, I'd be looking at Latitude from Dell or Thinkpad T or X1 from Lenovo.

  9. bob_shutts

    I would suggest you to to YouTube and see reviews from Unbox Therapy and Linus Tech Tips.


  10. rob_segal

    What kind of work are you doing? This could factor into what you should get. Also, if you want a Surface Laptop 3, you can get the 15 inch one for business that has Intel CPUs.