Surface Laptop Studio or m1 mac for photographer?


I have a question? First how are you and your family doing? I’m looking to upgrade from a Surface Book 2 i7, 8RAM, 256gb.

I was looking at a Surface Laptop Studio 32Ram, i7, and 2Tb. Or a M1 MacBook 14 in equivalent.

So currently I use Photoshop, Capture One, and Lightroom and use Google Drive for my cloud storage. As you know I shoot weddings, portraits, and events.

Seeing what is the best device to get. A few former Microsoft co-workers are telling me get a M1 and one MSFT coworker told me get a SLS .

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  1. rob_segal

    If you're fine using macOS, I would get a MacBook. 16 GB of RAM will be enough for a Mac. Don't go for 8GB if you go with the Air. I wouldn't get less than 512 GB of storage. The M2 MacBook Air is a great choice if you're fine using a USB-C hub for extra ports. The M1 MacBook Air is still really, really good.

  2. dmclaurin

    I'm using a Laptop Studio and it has been working fantastic for me.

    Only issue is that it does not have an SD card reader out of the box, so you do need a USB-C hub to connect it.

    The fact that I can use a pen for editing is a big plus for me.

  3. lvthunder

    It all depends on how you like to edit. If you use the machine like a tablet and use the pen (you have to buy separately) then get the Surface. If you use it like a laptop and either use a mouse or Wacom to edit then the Mac can enter the discussion.

    As for me, I use the screen and pen to edit directly on the image and you can't do that natively on a Mac. dmclaurin is right that there is no SD Card slot on the SLS, but that's OK my camera uses CF Express Cards anyways.

  4. rob_segal

    Here's something else you can consider. For the price of the laptop studio model you mentioned, you can get an M1 or M2 MacBook Air and an iPad Air.

  5. Errole

    I am use to MacOS. I def use touch/pen on PC with the Surface book. I never liked the Wacom tablets. The M1 14 2 tb 32 gb ram might be the best. Plus Apple has stores to get support, and sadly MS closed down.

    • rob_segal

      Are you considering an iPad as a secondary device? You can use Capture One and Photoshop on an iPad, too. You may benefit from Apple's ecosystem and device synergy. A MacBook and an iPad Air could be an excellent combination for you at this high price point.

  6. Errole

    But the Studio seems it can do more over a Mac.

  7. pecosbob04

    I see two issues:

    1. Has the Mac software you would use been ported to run natively on Apple Silicon?
    2. Is the pen on screen issue an absolute show stopper? (beside the mouse / trackpad solutions there is the ability to use an iPad with your MacBook to edit on screen see Rob Segal's comment above)