Surface Pro 4 or HP Spectre x360 (or other)


Hi everyone

I’m looking for some real-world usage feedback.

I’m in the market for a portable PC.

As an IT pro I have a PC at home which I use as a VM lab and a development/learning workstation.

I have a work-issued laptop that I use for work.

But I can’t use my work laptop for personal use so when I’m travelling I rely on a Surface RT (don’t judge me) and an iPad Mini.

I’ll be attending some training and conferences through the year so the time has come to get a laptop.

I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to a Surface Pro 4 i5/8GiB/256GB or a 13″ HP Spectre x360 i7/8GiB/256GB.

My only reservation is whether the dual core chips are sufficient to run the occasional VM or docker image? I won’t need a full lab but it’s sometimes useful to spin something up for demo purposes.

Have any of you used either or both of these machines for this kind of work? How do they perform? Which do you prefer? Or is there another, better option you would recommend?

Thanks in advance!


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