Talk me out of buying an RTX 2080


Hi everyone,

So this evening I enjoyed a session of some Toxikk deathmatch, and I have a GTX 970. There once was a time when I would upgrade my graphics card with every new generation, but heck, as far as I can tell, I’m still gaming okay even at 1440p (granted, with some games, I can’t max out every setting).

But gee … with the advent of the new Nvidia cards, I’m now two generations behind! And I’m starting to get that “feeling.”

But … why should it bother me as long as my games work?

Any of you guys still content with the 900 series and earlier? How much longer do you think you’ll stick it out?

(And I shouldn’t even be entertaining this idea … I just bought a Korg Pa700 keyboard that I have to pay off.)

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