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So this might be a shot in the dark for the Thurrott community, though I know the crossover is quite large here.

Does anyone know of any resources/white papers that specifically state that it’s ok to run a VM with SQL on the same virtual host as other services (something like sharepoint)? My manager is stuck in 2012 and thinks the term “physically separated” means a completely different host cluster and not “not on the same OS install”

He’s trying to reference 4 year old design documents where a vendor said that SQL and sharepoint should be on different physical boxes, and they literally meant if you’re installing on physical boxes, not a VM infrastructure.

But 2 of us cannot convince him that having a separate VM Cluster ans SAN literally just for SQL is a waste of resources.

I’m trying to build my case, and have found a lot of good resources to point him to, but ideally I need some kind of design document that literally shows SQL and Sharepoint running on the same Virtual Host Cluster.

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