What keyboard & mouse does everyone use?


What keyboard and mouse does everyone use here (if you use one)?

I use a EagleTec KG010 mechanical keyboard, with Outemu blue switches (like Cherry Blue). The build quality, typing and key feel is excellent, especially for a budget mechanical keyboard.

I also use a Red Dragon M801 Mammoth mouse. It is very responsive, and has a nice feel to it. For it’s price, it is a superb mouse. The only complaint I have, it had a plastic smell for a few days, but went away eventually.

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  1. Finley

    I use a Logitech trackball mouse.

    I think I may be one of the few people on the planet using a trackball

  2. Usman

    Have a Razer Blackwidow X and Corsair MX Speed Keyboards, prefer the mx speed for coding, it's quieter and faster to type on it

    For Mouse I have an MX master on my dev machine and G502 for the gaming rig.

  3. Emmanuel Rannaud

    IBM Type M buckling spring keyboard circa 1992 pilfered and pasty white classic wired Microsoft wheel mouse.

    • polloloco51

      In reply to erannaud:

      Nice! I have a IBM Model M 1391401 with the original box. I don't use it regularly, but it is amazing to type on! They are still made today, but by Unicomp, which has the original tooling. I would like to buy a new Unicomp Model M eventually!

  4. jpwalters

    I use a DAS Keyboard Professional "S" model (Blue switches) and a Razer Taipan mouse as I'm a lefty. I also have a Kensington Trackball on the right side of the keyboard -- for some things I prefer it.  Although I wouldn't say I'm ambidextrous by any stretch, having both is great. Underneath the keyboard I have one of those Razer Control Gravity Extended mouse mats that stretch the whole length of the keyboard so it doesn't matter where the mouse is.

  5. TechnologyTemperance

    Kinesis 2 keyboard with the 9" split. Also use an Anker "handshake" style upright mouse. Great for ergonomics on both counts.

  6. wunderbar

    at home I use a Logitech G710+, has Cherry Brown switches. The mouse is a Steelseries Sensei wireless. Probably my favorite mouse ever. If it broke today I'd buy another one tonight.

    at work I use a Microsoft ergonomic mouse, the same giant baseball size one Paul uses, and some generic microsoft wireless keyboard.

  7. RobotRaccoon

    The OEM USB keyboard that came with my laptop's dock and a Logitech M310 wireless mouse that's seen better days. They work.

  8. ErichK

    I use the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard and mouse (wireless) on my main desktop gaming rig.

    • evox81

      In reply to ErichK:

      I use the Sculpt as well... I love the keyboard, but hate the mouse (but I just keep using it to avoid a second dongle)

      • ErichK

        In reply to evox81:

        I've had mixed reactions when other people use my system.

        My teenage niece really was impressed with the mouse and felt it was very comfortable due to its shape and beefy-ness (which I agree with).

        But my brother seems to wish I had "normal" peripherals whenever he hops on this computer. :-)

  9. Nic

    You'll pry my Logitech M570 trackball from my cold dead hand, and not a moment before.

  10. matsan

    For the last several years I've been using a Logitech MX Anywhere that introduced me to the "step-less" mouse wheel and I have never looked back. I don't go anywhere without this mouse.

    For keyboards (home, office and home-office) any Logitech that pairs with the Unifying receiver will do (writing this on a K270 with a pretty good feel and noise-level :-) )

  11. Polycrastinator

    At work, a Monoprice mechanical keyboard with Cherry Blue switches and a Razer Abyssus mouse. At home, a compact keyboard with Cherry Red switches (I forget the manufacturer) and a Razer Naga mouse. Goliathus mouse pads in both cases.

  12. Oasis

    Whatever Dell keyboard comes with the tower and an Logitech M310 mouse. If I was to replace the KB I would find a left handed KB as the typing surface is closer to the mouse and one those mice with the ball on top.

  13. germdy

    Microsoft ARC keyboard and Microsoft ARC Mouse

  14. CGBoing

    I use a Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB keyboard with TrackPoint on my desktop. The rationale for this is to maintain the muscle memory when switching between this and ThinkPad laptop (and not having to lift my hand from the keyboard to reach a pointing device).

    Also, an Intuos Pro drawing tablet. It's an interesting alternative to a mouse, and again, to maintain some functional parity with the ThinkPad touchscreen.

    One more thing I sometimes find myself using and have to make a mention of, is the Logitech G700 mouse. It has plenty of programmable buttons with assignments storable in the firmware, Spin Wheel and can be used as wired or wireless. What a clever device!

  15. StevenLayton

    Black keyboard. Black mouse. They type and click. Does for me. But I’ll give you, yours look cooler than mine.

  16. ozaz

    Keyboard: I have a preference for ThinkPad laptops partly because of their keyboards. For external keyboards, I'm not particularly fussy. Any non-chiclet keyboard will do.

    For my mouse: Any mouse with a single track-wheel and two independent mechanical buttons will do. I don't like additional buttons like the mouse in the original post has.

  17. RLAbbott25

    Keyboard: Logitech G810 Mouse: Logitech MX-Master

  18. jimchamplin

    First gen Das Keyboard Model S Professional (Cherry MX switches) and a Gamdias Demeter mouse on my primary box.

    Logitech K400 Plus and Logitech Marble Mouse on the HTPC.

  19. TheJoeFin

    Keyboard: Microsoft ergonomic keyboard 4000

    Mouse: soon to purchase the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

  20. Dan1986ist

    On my desktop, I use the Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard, yes the one with the usb hub that came out in 1999.

  21. MacLiam

    I have a mix of keyboards and mice, and I usually pick the one that's appropriate to my work environment and the size of the device I carry when out and about. I usually have a Microsoft folding KB in a jacket pocket to use with a phone. If I'm doing a lot of numeric key-entry work on a Surface Book, I will sometimes use the supplementary Surface keyboard because of the number pad. The arc mouse is a good tool to use instead of the touchpad on the book or surface pro when I have one of them out of the house.

    I was persuaded by Paul to try the blobby Microsoft ergonomic mouse. He was right. It is a great device that begs to be made in a left hand version as well -- though I have worked out a goofy grip that lets me use it left handed when I am short on tabletop space. This is the one I use with with my main standalone machine.

    The best mouse I am using at the moment is the Logitech MX Master 2S, a gigantic multi-button thing that connects to three different computers at the same time and works through your network. The software is a little glitchy and doesn't always work as advertised when you slide from one device's monitor to another, but it's a clever tool. When it works as designed, it is convenient and painless to slide documents and files back and forth from machine to machine.

    I also have an old Logitech trackball that is my basic controller for an eight-year-old Dell desktop. I sometimes pull it off that and use it with a logitech keyboard when I'm running a Windows phone on Continuum so I can see what I am doing on a much larger television screen. The trackball fits nicely on the plank arm of an old easy chair.

    I have the big domed Microsoft ergonomic surface keyboard, but it's tough to use. I'm going to have retrain my hands before I can use it to best effect.

  22. rameshthanikodi

    Keyboard....laptop's keyboard. Since it's a Lenovo I guess you can say it's a thinkpad keyboard.

    My mouse is the Microsoft Sculpt Touch. It's great.

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