What Netbook Did You Own?


What netbook did you own back then (if you had one)?


I had a pearl white, Asus EeePC 900A. It was a great (fun) little netbook, and ran Eeebuntu Linux.

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  1. bbold

    I had the eeePC 900. I also had one of the original IdeaPads. If I recall, I wiped it and installed Mac OS on it just for sh*ts and giggles (per a video on YouTube detailing how to do it), and it worked great, except for the webcam!


  2. lecter

    I had the 901, upgraded the secondary SSD so that I wouldn't be limited by only 4GB of fast storage and it was actually not that bad if you needed to make a presentation or do some other form of mono-tasking...awesome battery life compared to the laptops of the day, pretty good for watching video on a plane (a shame about the non-HD screen, though) and OK even for web-browsing if you didn't make Chrome remember your tabs (and thus take ages to start).

    Plus, the included keyboard, while tiny, was still much better for banging out e-mails or writing stuff in full Word/Excel than using the screen on a tablet. Not to mention the cost...less than even the cheapest iPad today.

    Many people hate netbooks for driving down the cost of laptops, the profitability of OEMs, etc., but they really were an amazing technological achievement for their day, the first truly low-cost ultraportable machines with no real compromises in terms of functionality if you would just accept the slowness of Atom CPUs.

  3. wright_is

    I've never had a netbook.

  4. Brad Sams

    HP Mini 110 and I believe I paid a $30 premium for the white cover.

  5. Paul Thurrott

    I bought a Toshiba mini NB205 to test Windows 7 Starter Edition. And then bought one for each of my kids. So I actually owned three of them somehow.

  6. jwpear

    I had the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012. It was awesome! Nice bright display and a great keyboard. Windows 7 ran great on it! I put an SSD in it when they became affordable and it was even better.

  7. Patrick3D

    Asus X200CA, Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, Win8 Pro. The memory was soldered in but the hard drive was a regular 2.5" SATA which I swapped out with an SSD. It was also loaded with ports: 2x USB2.0, 1x USB3.0, HDMI, SD Slot, VGA, 802.11AC, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. It had just enough performance to run games like Hearthstone and was the perfect travel companion for watching movies compressed down to 720P. I bought it at BestBuy on Open Box discount for $217.99. A year or two ago I traded it in at BestBuy during a promo where you could get $75 store credit plus a bonus $50 store credit from Samsung (IIRC.) A new battery would have cost $79, so I figured I would just get rid of it and move on towards trying to get by with a tablet for entertainment on trips. Big mistake, I miss that netbook dearly. All of the new netbooks have eMMC storage, worse processors, and less than half of the ports.

  8. skborders

    MSI Wind, it worked well with Windows 7. Then I hacintoshed it. Eventually gave it to my Grand Daughter and she broke it.

  9. rob_segal

    Lenovo S10-3t. A 2-in-1 convertible netbook. Don't remember why I bought it. I knew it wasn't going to be powerful enough for me. I may have put an small ssd into it. Obviously, a very forgettable device.

  10. matsan

    Still have my OQO model e2 with built-in HSDPA modem. Running XP, still working. Added the Logitech mouse for comparison. Really pocketable.

  11. scottib62

    Still have and until recently used both an ASUS EEE PC 700SD and a Toshiba MB505. Retired the ASUS and still am using the Toshiba, both running Windows 10.

  12. jimchamplin

    ASUS Eee PC 1101. I actually kinda miss it. There was nothing wrong with mine, but I’d recently gotten a newer portable and I figured, “Eh, time to retire it and I chucked it out.

    That was a mistake.

  13. jaredthegeek

    I had an HP that I don't recall the model and I had an HP M311 with the Nvidia chipset that really made it hum. it was tiny and very usable at the time. Upgraded to 4 gigs of ram and its in my spare bedroom. i should fire that thing up and see what happens.

    Edit: Thanks to Brad for reminding me it was the 110.

  14. Oasis

    That is the very on I still have and occasionally still use. Running Puppy Linux now. This was how I got into using Linux.

  15. nfeed2000t

    I had a 2009 EEE PC netbook. Junk. Blue screens of death on day 1, slow, and lousy track pad. Returned it.

    Windows on cheap hardware stunk in 2009 and still stinks on cheap hardware in 2018. I will never go cheap when buying another Windows machine.

    I did buy a cheap Asus Chromebook Costco special in 2017 and am happy with it. Paul may not get the "Windows Lite" rumors but Microsoft will lose the entire low end of the market if they haven't already.