What We Use – Gaming PC Setups 2021


What gaming PC setups does everyone here have, if applicable.


A modest Dell XPS 8930 with a i7-8700, 16gb RAM and a GeForce GTX 1060. A great all around productivity and gaming PC.

Albeit, the graphics card could be upgraded to something better. That obviously wouldn’t be for a few years (supply & prices).








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  1. sentinel6671

    After many, many years with Intel, I jumped ship to AMD last year. I'm on a homebrew Asus X570-E with Ryzen 3700X, 32 gb RAM an GeForce GTX 2070 Super. So far it's an excellent all-rounder and serving me well.

    I always figured I'd move to a Ryzen 5800X at some point, because the mobo allows for it, but we'll see. Ripping apart the liquid cooler setup and redoing it doesn't feel very appealing or necessary.

  2. SWCetacean

    I have a gaming desktop that I built that uses an MSI B450 Tomahawk mainboard, a Ryzen 7 3700X CPU (originally started with a Ryzen 7 2700, then upgraded), 16 GB DDR4-3200 RAM, and an RTX 3070 that I acquired this summer (was using a 1080 Ti before). This desktop also has an Asus PCIE WiFi card installed so that I can connect wirelessly; it's just simpler that way based on where this thing is compared to the router.

    While I could go to a Ryzen 5000-series CPU, I'll probably just hold off until the next platform shift before upgrading the rest of the system.

  3. jimchamplin

    Acer Nitro 5 notebook. AMD Ryzen 5 4600H. Switchable Radeon Vega (Integrated) graphics and GeForce GTX 1650 (4GB).

    Runs like a dream with Windows 11. I never noticed the performance issues, honestly. I mean with all those heavy, games like Diablo 3, Star Trek Online, and HOTS I run, it would be so hard to not notice.

  4. JE

    Current series HP Omen 30L desktop with i9, 64gb, 2tb ssd, 2tb hdd, nvidia 3090. The thing is a monster. Spits out max settings 4K at 150 fps.

  5. peterc

    Lenovo Cube C530, i7-8700 CPU 16Gb Ram Nvidia GTX1060 6GB - Fab!

  6. paull90

    I have a self built machine that I upgrade bit at a time.

    MSI Z370-A Pro Motherboard with an Intel i5 8400

    16GB 2400Mhz Ram

    MSI 3070 (managed to get one at close to MSRP on Christmas Eve last year)

    2TB XPG Gammix S70 NVME & 4TB Seagate HDD for media storage

    I'm getting an i7 9700K from my wife for Xmas which will fit in the existing Motherboard, I will then in the early new year upgrade to 32GB of faster memory (probably 3200Mhz)

  7. moruobai

    Depends on the game!

    For modern ones I have a Dell XPS 8940 with an i7-10700, 32GB RAM, and an RTX2060. It screams.

    For older ones from the mid to late 90s I have an IBM Aptiva running Windows 98SE with a Pentium III, 256MB RAM, and 3D Rage ATI graphics card!

    For early to mid 90s I have an IBM PS/1 with a 486DX Overdrive (!), a luxurious 64MB RAM, Sound Blaster 16 (!), and a Diamond Speedstar! Runs on good old DOS and Windows 3.

  8. vladimir

    I have a self built desktop computer that I use for gaming and work form home:

    ASUS ROG Maximus Hero XI, i9-9900K, 32 GB Ram, RTX 3080

    3 monitors (one 4k 55inch LG TV, one 21:9 ultrawide and one 1080p)

    HP G1 VR Headset

    several gaming peripherals, the most notable ones are a Thrustmaster T300 Wheel, Honeycomb yoke and throttle, Virpil HOTAS

  9. usman

    Still running my custom Build PC from 2015 (have replaced the Mobo and GPU over the years) running the following:

    Intel i7 5960X, 32 GB RAM and an RTX 3070 Founders (at Retail Price)

    Samsung CRG9 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor

    Recently got a TPM2.0 chip for it so Windows 11 would run on it (albeit in "unsupported" mode because of the CPU generation)


    Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless with Powerplay Mat

    Corsair K65 LUX Cherry Red Switch Keyboard

    Logitech G Pro Wireless Headset

    Currently fine as it is, every time something new and shiny comes out, I still look at my PC and realise it still does the job.

  10. justme

    Built to spec a while ago, still runs well - i7-4770, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX1060