Where to purchase Intel NUC


Paul has talked about using the Intel NUC as a desktop platform many times, both here and on WW. I don’t see that Intel sells those direct to consumers – where to buy one?

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  1. simont

    Depends on how much a configured system you want. Amazon, NewEgg or Simplynuc.com are all good options

    • MutualCore

      I bought mine on Amazon, exactly the right configuration I wanted. However that was 3 months ago, who knows what the situation is now.

  2. jchampeau

    You might also look at similar-sized units from Lenovo and Dell. I bought a 7th-gen NUC and it had constant issues with sleeping and waking when two monitors were plugged in. They are widely documented and Intel never fixed them. It was infuriating and what I learned from that experience was to stick to buying PCs from PC makers.