Who else provides 3:2 displays on 2-1’s?


With all the new laptops and 2-1 choices being offered by OEMs, which provide the 3:2 display found in the Surface line?

I hope that some OEMs start offering the 3:2 display when my SP3 needs replacing. it is now 3 years old – and still running well. I like the 2-1’s that hinge over with a real keyboard for my next machine but seems that Dell, HP and Lenovo are still providing 16:9 displays – I hope other can point out other options that are out there

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    Sadly not Lenovo. I got a great deal on a convertible Ideapad Flex 4, but the damn 16x9 screen makes using it in portrait mode... um... not so good.

    The lackluster LCD panel doesn't help either.

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    The HP Envy x2 is 3:2

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    Lenovo recently showed off two tablet PCs with a 3:2 aspect ratio, the ThinkPad X1 Tablet and the Miix 720.

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