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I would love to hear feedback on Wireless Mesh Networks that fellow members are using or have tested. I have just started to read about the Netgear Orbi system and would appreciate info that the community may have about this or other similar products. It will be used in a 3 story, approximately 7000 sq. ft. Thanks!


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    Eero has the 'cool' factor these days but is far too expensive at $500 for a three pack.

    Amplifi from Ubiquiti should be a good product, Ubiquiti makes enterprise grade networking gear and the benefit with this device is you get 4 Ethernet ports instead of 1 with Eero

    Google has a new wifi  hubs out too, three pack costs $299 but they are sold out everywhere...might mean they are good or are in limited supply.


    I havent ever used Netgear Orbi but all these things are really the same and seeing as Netgear has been making equipment for some time, it's probably fine.


    At 7k sq ft though, you might need more than 3 of these routers to get the 'best' speed possible...unless you are ok with weaker speeds in some parts of the house.

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    For the size of your property, WiFi mesh is the way to go. You could achieve the same effect with APs, Ubiquiti has some really good ones, but the various APs don't talk to each other, and your device needs to roam between the points itself, which doesn't always work well especially for real-time applications like gaming and skyping. You probably will need to use a Powerline if you want to connect your first AP away from the modem.

    That's the thing about Wifi Mesh, the nodes are able to 'talk' to each other on their own network (thus the marketing of tri-band wifi mesh), so the network is able to truly behave like one huge wifi network wherever you blanket the signal with. For a place of your size, you may want to get 5 nodes. It will be expensive but it's the only setup that truly works imo.