Will 21:9 monitors become popular among power users?


After reading Paul’s recent review of the Envy AIO (and his review of the 2016 model), I am really beginning to wonder if 21:9 monitors are going to become commonplace. I have a WQHD (2560×1440, vs the Envy AIO which is 3440×1440, UWQHD) monitor, and I was thinking of upgrading in the next couple years. The choice today is between 4k UHD monitors, which are more common, or curved UWQHD monitors like the Envy AIO. Anyone have experience with both? Anyone care to make a prediction?

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    I'd personally love to move towards UWQHD only if the OS provides me with the ability to 

    a) virtually split the desktop into two simultaneously visible desktops (for mainstream productivity use)

    b) dynamically switch to / overlay a widescreen desktop if need be

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    God I hope not. For gaming I can understand a +30" UW curved screen. But for productivity? I'm really hoping someone will release a 5:8 or 2:3 high-resolution monitor.

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    Nah. It will be popular for specific applications like racing simulator builds and whatnot but definitely not for mainstream use. I actually see 3:2 becoming the mainstream aspect ratio for PCs in the future, the new chromebooks from Samsung are 3:2 as well.

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      In reply to FalseAgent:

      Funny how the things go in circles. Now we want to move away from the wide screen "movie ready" monitors that have recently ruled the marketplace, back to something like the 4x3 monitors that reigned for so long.

      Personally I feel like I can barely work without at least 2 monitors, and prefer 3. I use 4 when I am using special multi PC setups with KVM's.

      I provide my own systems at work, at my home office, and at my tech/dev bench. At this point that means 12 Dell 2007FP's running at 1600x1200 (4x3).

      For me they are a bit like a 57 Chevy's... classics that seem to last forever, but are perhaps not as efficient as the their more recent descendants.

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    It depends on what you want to do. For photo/video editing or music composition/DAW purposes the extra screen real estate of a 21:9 monitor can be very beneficial, especially for processes that require multiple apps on screen at once. A 21:9 monitor's extra space lets you have those apps open at the same time without having to squint your eyes to see them. For gaming the benefit is obvious: immersion. Also watching movies: many modern movies are shot in ultra-wide, 21:9, 1920x800. Trust me, once you see a movie like this on an ultra-wide screen and experience the feeling of immersion it gives, you will never want to go to another monitor ever again!

    Anyway, that's my $.02

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    I have no prediction powers, so take this for what it's worth.

    I've tried both multi-monitor and single monitor configurations.  I use two 24" 16:9 monitors at the office connected to a SP4 via a dock.  I use a single 24" 16:10 in my home office.  I find multi-monitor to be less productive because there is too much distance for my eyes to travel to use both productively at the same time.  The second monitor almost always seems non-essential.  There are a few exceptions.  It's also cumbersome to manage the application placement, which I attribute to some combination of my Surface Dock and Windows 10 weirdness.

    My preference is a single large monitor.  I'd like something 28" or larger.  I have historically preferred 16:10 aspect ratios because I like a bit more height than what you typically get from a 16:9.  I can get a bit more code on the screen.  I haven't found a 28" or larger monitor with decent color reproduction and viewing angles that is affordable (sub $600). 

    The ultra-wide monitors are appealing, I think.  I'd consider them if I could find something with good color reproduction, viewing angles, and at an affordable price.  And I'd want the option of virtualizing the display so that it were treated as two monitors.

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