Worst Laptop Keyboard of all Time! (Opinion)


Laptop keyboards over the years, have always been a step or two below, a regular desktop keyboard. They all offer different, feels, layouts and responsiveness. ThinkPad keyboards for instance, are one of the best, and offer an excellent typing experience. Whilst, laptops with, cheap, flimsy chiclet keyboards, are the worst typing experience. It really all is subjective, when it comes down to it.

Recently, I went to Best Buy, to look around. I walked over to the Apple section to take a gander. I tried out one of the new Macbooks Pros. After typing on the keyboards. I was shocked, how horrendously, bad it was. It felt like, I was typing on a hard table.

The Macbook keyboard, is the worst keyboard, I have ever used. It has no key travel, no tactile feedback, nothing. You minus well, just type on a rock, for writing essays. How can Apple sell so-called, premium laptops, with such awful keyboards?

Although, laptop keyboards are all subjective. The Macbook keyboard is just objectively bad. I could not imagine owning a Macbook, and having to type anything longer than 2 sentences on it.

What is Apple thinking?

What are your thoughts about the Macbook keyboard?

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