X1 Yoga versus Surface Pro

Any thoughts anyone?

I am considering both. Will not buy the Pro before LTE is available. Other than that it’s much down to form factor and design.

I travel to customers, document construction sites and write notes a lot.

Have bought myself the IPad Pro 10.5 but it is not as smooth and good to work on as I had hoped. I find the keyboard terrible and the lack of mouse and window / multiple windows constraining. It might be just as good to have everything in a computer instead than to different units.

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  • Polycrastinator

    01 July, 2017 - 12:25 pm

    <p>Firstly, I'd look at third party keyboards for the iPad Pro. If you got the 12.5" one, Razer produced a mechanical keyboard cover that is apparently a dream to type on, although heavy.</p><p>To answer your question though, I would decide based on how much you're carrying the device. Both are great, but the Surface Pro is definitely lighter, especially if you remove the keyboard cover, so if you're walking around a lot taking notes with the pen, go with that. If on the other hand you expect to be mostly sitting and typing, I would choose the Thinkpad. I suspect you'll be happy with either, but that's how I would decide.</p>


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