Make No Mistake … The Major Tech/Gaming Companies LOVE Borders …


… they just love the ability to enforce THEIR borders.

Apple has a border around Ipad to protect THEIR SOVEREIGNTY. You have to get permission for your app get in, and if at any point, you do something they dont like, you will deported until you do what they want. The also want you to show your green card, called itunes, to show your citizenship to Apple so you can have the right to transfer movies and music. Hell, they even claim they have a border and thus, sole ownership, around shapes like circular rectangles.

Microsoft, before it got cozy with Linux, had a border around a lot of PC devices in the early days of Windows 10, as in secure boot, to discourage you from being multi-cultural in your operating systems.

Game Developers have protected their property within the border of Launchers such as Steam, Origin, and now Epic, where you must get permission to use the things you have bought. Some of them believe in borders so much, that they don’t even support inter-state travel between Launchers.

Phone companies have created a nice, bigly wall around the drivers for their devices, making installing any alternative linux bases phone operating system virtually impossible. No Free, Open Source Driver Care for you.

And just like a Country defends their borders (or is supposed to) by military force , these companies defend their borders … BY LAWFARE, court order force. They dont call the generals … they call the lawyers.

It seems like when it comes to their ecosystems, their property, their best interests …. the don’t only love borders … their business model DEPENDS ON THEM.

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