Rethinking Google


I have expressed myself quite negatively with regards to anything Google in the past few months.

Recently however, I stumbled upon this presentation at Build 2017 and I must say I feel different now regarding Google, especially as some of their weaknesses were revealed.

Good watch, even if you’re not into Angular!

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  1. helix2301

    I been slowing moving over to microsoft on the personal side my business already runs on 365 business google been collecton to much date for me

    • siko

      In reply to helix2301:

      With Google you know your data is not only used to improve your experience in computing.

      The point of me posting the link to the talk is that Google internally is facing huge challenges with the technology they use for almost everything they do. And Typescript has been growing under the hands of distinguished Microsoft (!) engineers... That says (to me) something about the trustworthiness of Microsoft and Microsoft-technology.... But as a whole, also something about Google!

      • helix2301

        In reply to siko: What gets to me with Google lately its like they are so worried about coming out with next big thing and competing with Microsoft there services that used to be great on the enterprise side are wavering. They at times sacrafice managibility and security to offer services.

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