Browser(s) in 2021


What browsers(s), does everyone here use, in 2021?


Chrome mainly, across machines (and phone).


Trying to use Edge more, to experience it’s features!

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  1. jt5

    I use Edge mostly. I use firefox and chrome to verify websites. Occasionally I will check it in Safari- but that is more of an afterthought.

  2. Chris_Kez

    Chrome for pay, Edge for play. Though we're soon switching to Edge at work as well.

    • dftf

      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      Same here work-wise. Anything that comes built-into the OS doesn't have to undergo the same security-vetting as anything we add to the image, so it's a non-brainer to ditch Chrome

  3. anoldamigauser

    For day to day work, I use Edge. When I need to check a problem site, or want to login with a different account, I use Firefox. For searches that I want to have some privacy for, mostly medical, generally for others, I use Tor.

  4. scoop

    Win 10 work laptop: Firefox mostly, Edge now and then, Chrome for gmail

    Win 10 home laptop: Firefox mostly, now and then Pale Moon or Chromium (Chromium rather than Chrome except on the work laptop). Edge once in a blue moon

    Xubuntu laptop: Firefox, some Pale Moon; Chromium for a few sites that render better

    Ancient Win 7 desktop: Pale Moon, Firefox

    Android phone: Firefox 68.11; Chrome only when needed for site rendering

    Fire 8 turned into Android tablet: Firefox 68.11

    Notes: Have used Opera and Brave in the past. Generally prefer the Firefox/Pale Moon 'feel' over anything chromium-based, but recognize it's just a matter of time. While current Firefox is my go-to on Win 10 or Linux on desktop/laptop, I much prefer the older Firefox 68 on Android mobile. Not sure what I will do when that becomes unsafe to use.

    • dftf

      In reply to scoop:

      "I much prefer the older Firefox 68 on Android mobile. Not sure what I will do when that becomes unsafe to use."

      Would it not be unsafe right now? I know on desktop platforms, there is an ESR version of 68 (though I think support may have ended for it?) but I wasn't aware they offered the ESR at-all on Android?

  5. lwetzel

    In order of preference.

    1. Edge
    2. Vivaldi
    3. Brave
    4. Firefox
  6. dftf

    For what I personally use:

    On Windows 10, near-exclusively Edge. I may use Firefox occasionally "just-to-see-what's-new" but honestly I might just move to Edge exclusively. Given all the same add-ons are available for both, why bother maintaining bookmarks and settings in both? And it's not like just by using Firefox they get money -- that only happens if you are happy to search using the default Google page, via their customised URL. But given most people who use Firefox are privacy-conscious, I am sure this very-quickly gets changed. So... yeah, why bother?

    On Android, mostly Brave, but sometimes also Vivaldi or Opera (the full Opera, not Opera Mini) as sometimes pop-ups or ads get-through Brave's filters, or their filters break content on a site (such as an embedded video not working). I'd only use Google Chrome if I need to access the website version of a Google service, as it'll sign me in automatically (and I don't wish other browsers to be linked to my Google Account whatsoever). Edge on Android is currently awful UI-wise, so maybe once they release their refreshed version I'll revisit it.

    And on some wider thoughts:

    Firefox: what do people think will happen first -- it dies completely, or also becomes a Chromium browser? As looking at any market-share stats clearly shows it's only going in one direction...

    Using multiple Chromium browsers on a desktop platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc): why? On Android, sure -- they don't support add-ons, so any ad and script-blocking is what is provided, so makes sense to switch between them for different sites. But on a desktop OS, you can get the same add-ons for each one. So unless you are say a web-developer, and have to have each installed for testing-purposes, as an average user why bother when they are all essentially the same thing?

    Internet Explorer 11: I wonder if this will be present in the upcoming "Windows 10X", given it's aimed at being a Chromebook competitor running modern Web Apps?

    Safari: as I'm not a macOS or iOS/iPadOS user, I can't comment here, given they did have a Windows version years back, but it's long-since been abandoned. For macOS, where you have a choice of browser-engine, how many macOS users here run it as their main browser?

  7. samp

    It seems like the extreme minority using chrome on here (strange - I did a report for a qualification recently on google and they have approx 85% share, depending on who you believe). Seems like the more techy / geeky people get the more they swing to Edge. I use chrome for all, but I'm considering going to Edge for home :)

    • dftf

      In reply to samp:

      You will always find lower Google Chrome use amongst users on IT/tech sites like this, yes.

      Though to correct you, in general: "the more techy / geeky people get the more they swing to Firefox" as the ultra-techy or ultra-geeks are likely running Linux, FreeBSD or some-other "Unix-like" OS and Firefox fits-in-better with the ethos behind why people generally choose to use them.

      But yeah, if you use Google Chrome now, definitely give the new Edge a try.

      • samp

        In reply to dftf:
        give the new Edge a try

        I was going to, but found Bing less accurate for niche searches and with more ads, so I'm going to stick with chrome because there is not much point using Edge with Google. For a while anyway ?

      • samp

        In reply to dftf:

        I have bowed down to the inventible ... as of today I'm an Edge user

  8. earlster

    Firefox, both on Android and Windows

    Edge for some sites that just render better on chromium (I used to use Chrome for those)

    Chrome, only on sites that I need a google account for

  9. hrlngrv

    Firefox for most things. Windows and Linux. I switched to Edge as my secondary browser, Windows and Linux, to see how it holds up. I only use Chrome on my Chromebook because there's no alternative. For me, I just don't like Chrome aesthetics.

    • miamimauler

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      "I only use Chrome on my Chromebook because there's no alternative"

      I've never used a Chromebook and wasn't aware of that. Can you not install other browsers on ChromeOS?

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to miamimauler:

        Put a Chrome OS device into developer mode, and you could install crouton, then many Linux distributions, then any Linux browser. In standard rather than developer mode, only software from the Chrome Store can be installed, and I don't believe there are any alternative browsers in that store.

  10. Usman

    Edge mostly on PC and Mobile, Brave for those weird edge cases (no pun intended) with local endpoints that use Basic Auth (sometimes it just doesn't work on Edge).

    I used to use Opera Chromium back when they introduced some nice features like free VPN, Sidebar chat apps. But their mobile app just wasn't that great.

    I'm a full-stack software engineer, so I do just stick to Chromium-based browsers since they are the most used rendering engines, and use browser stack to test Safari on iPhone / iPad

  11. ghostrider

    Boy there are some MS luvvies on here aren't there - what's the interest in Edge all of a sudden? MS collect as much data in Edge as Google do in Chrome, and MS are no more trustworthy. If you really just want to stick two fingers up at all the data collection and monetization, use Firefox or base Chromium.

    • wunderbar

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Yeah, it's real strange that a website that covers Microsoft products, with people who are more likely to be more invested in the Microsoft ecosystem than the general public might prefer using Microsoft's web browser.

  12. bkkcanuck

    I run Firefox on my Mac and Windows machines... I use to run firefox long ago, left it and used Safari and Chrome for a while (I tend to use Safari on a laptop) and then returned to Firefox after the redevelopment of the application. It is by far my preferred browser now.

  13. dmclaurin

    I'm using MS Edge Dev edition 100% of the time now. Simplifies my entire life. I also use it on my phone.

    When COVID began a year ago, I was using Edge about 40% of the time, with Chrome about 40% and Firefox at 2019 I was using Opera at 40% and Chrome at 60%.

    Now 100% usage and not going back.

  14. megamuffin

    Firefox 90% mostly, more so for Facebook container, also use Edge as well, try to stay away from Chrome er Google, even tho I use Gmail, slowly transitioning to Outlook.

  15. wunderbar

    at work due to the sheer number of accounts I need to deal with I use Safari, Chrome and Edge, and I do have Firefox and Opera installed, mostly for one off situations.

    for personal use its Chrome.

  16. oasis

    I use Firefox, Phone and Desktop/Laptop

  17. navarac

    As I have a Windows Gaming Box, a Linux PC, a Linux SP3 and an Android phone, I have stuck with Chrome. Anyone who worries about Google after all of these years is a bit late to worry!!!

  18. jlv632

    Brave. Add the image to your collection.

  19. StevenLayton

    Hey, you missed IE11 ;)

  20. arnstarr

    Edge, all platforms. Firefox emergencies only!

  21. wright_is

    Firefox and Brave - Firefox stopped working with my password manager on Android, so I switched over to Brave as the only browser on Android and I'm trying it out on my home PC, at work I'm still using mainly Firefox.

    Edge as a backup / for Microsoft 365 admin at work, but it keeps ceasing up when viewing the Microsoft 365 pages.

    • dftf

      In reply to wright_is:

      You could try Vivaldi on Android, too.

      Unlike Brave, where the ad and script-blocking lists are maintained by Brave themselves, and all you can configure is types of content you want to block, and to turn blocking off on a per-domain basis, in Vivaldi you can subscribe to different tracker and ad-block lists.

  22. angusmatheson

    When I heard how much Firefox had fallen in usage, I started trying to use it. I is likely hopeless as everyone moves to WebKit but the idea of maintaining some diversity in the browser makes sense to me. Maybe I should care more about saving real endangered animals than an endangered browser. I really haven’t seen any real performance differences. I was trying to get away from chrome because I thought it was slower, but I think it is all in my head.

    • dftf

      In reply to Angusmatheson:

      At this rate, I reckon before 2030 Firefox will either cease-to-be, or will just switch to Chromium also. I'd imagine most of its marketshare thesedays are simply Linux users, where it is often the default browser.

      It always seems slow to me on Android, and given I can't think of a single add-on thesedays that would be exclusive to Firefox, why bother to continue to use it "just-because"?

  23. yaddamaster

    Brave - 80%

    Edge (Chromium) - 20%

  24. erichk

    Pretty much for the most part on most of my machines, I use the Big Three: Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

    I also have used Opera a bit.

    Oh, and Safari on my iPad.

  25. mcerdas

    Chromium Edge in my desktop and laptop , and Edge in my Android phone

  26. darkgrayknight

    Browser: work, home

    Firefox: 70%, 5%

    Edge: 30%, 80%

    Brave: 0%, 15%

  27. red.radar

    I was using Edge nearly 100%. However, I had to switch to Firefox at work because the Chromium project enforced TLS transport for a whitelist of domains. Apparently my corporate domain was swept up and it broke internal sites that do not use HTTPs. Firefox was effected as well, but there still existed an ability to override this enforcement.

  28. miamimauler

    Google Chrome as my default and Brave in a private window with DuckDuckGo behind NordVPN when performing privacy minded duties.

  29. F4IL

    chromium on workstations and firefox on mobile.

  30. j5

    Right now I'm using Edge because I'm on a Windows laptop. I'm waiting for my Mac Mini to arrive. After that, I think I'll be using Safari full time because I have an iPhone and iPad Air. But I'll probably install Edge at some point as a 2nd option and sync it across all my devices.

    For a while, I was using Vivaldi as my daily but went back to Edge.

    • dftf

      In reply to j5:

      On your macOS device, sure, give Edge a try on there... I'm sure there is a native M1 build of it (there is an ARM64 version for Windows on ARM, so there should be by now!)

      But on any iOS/iPadOS device, it's only really worth it if you will sign-into Edge and sync data. As otherwise every browser on iOS/iPadOS is essentially Safari under their interface, as Webkit is the only rendering-engine allowed on those platforms.

      • j5

        In reply to dftf:

        Yeah, I'll try Edge on it for sure. I think it's good to have at least a 2nd browser installed just in case your main goes wonky from an update or highjack malware etc.

  31. winner

    Firefox on Windows due to anti-tracking and privacy. Plus I want to support the littler guy.

    Chrome on my Chromebook of course.

    Brave occasionally.

    Almost never Edge.

    Firefox on mobile since my extensions still work and it makes the mobile web actually usable.

    • dftf

      In reply to Winner:

      "Plus I want to support the littler guy"

      You could just make a regular donation to Mozilla, instead. Simply having Firefox installed does nothing to support them (in a financial-sense) unless you don't change the default search provider (both in the address-bar, or on the new-tab page) from their customised Google one, as they get paid a little for each search done in there.

      Assuming like most privacy-conscious users of Firefox, changing away from Google is one of the first-things you do, then how-else does simply having the browser installed or using it financially help Mozilla?

  32. kcarson97404

    I'm using Edge exclusively, for work, for home and on my Android.