Advice For Moving from Windows Phone to Android


Hello! I will shortly be (FINALLY) leaving Windows Phone, replacing my 1520 with either an S8+ or S9+. This will be my first experience with Android, as well as my first smartphone that ISN’T Windows (my first being the Samsung BlackJack II).

Therefore, I was wondering if you kind folks would be willing to provide any insight and advice for me regarding topics such as, but not limited to:

–Advice/guides for the migration process – how to ensure I get everything I can from my Windows Phone to my new Android Phone.

–Differences between the Windows and Android experiences that I should be prepared for/aware of.

–Any recommendations for certain apps as well as general phone settings I should tweak when I begin using the Android phone.

–Whether anyone who owns an S8+ or is interested in the S9+ would recommend at this stage getting one over the other – I know the specs are relatively similar, but is there any particularly important reasons I should get the S9+ over the S8+? Is the S9+ not particularly worth the higher cost (especially if AT&T discounts the S8+ in a month), and/or will the S8+ show it’s age over the next few years in a way that will be particularly regrettable for someone who could have gotten the S9+?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys could provide!

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