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    An honest question why does one need a $700 and above phone every couple of years ? Why the need for a flagship ?

    I have an Unlocked BLU Win HD $129.00 (I know crap right ?) soon to be 2 years old this December, still holds full charge, screen still bright, Wi-Fi and cell signal strong.

    What I use it for:
    As a phone, yes to actually call someone
    Texting, when I really must
    Email, catch up not so much compose
    Maps, offline very handy
    Groove Music, plug into car stereo (40gb on SD card)
    Podcasts, nice in the car
    Weather, where I live you need it
    Camera, Outdoors it takes fair pics but Indoors no just get grainy dull pics. If I know I will be taking pics I will put my digital camera in my pocket (yes it fits).
    Photos, glancing yes editing no. Anyone who can edit a photo on a phone with good results my hat is off to you.
    Office Online OneDrive, reference mostly editing rarely.
    Misc. Lists, calculator, translator, convertors, flashlight etc.… Handy
    No games
    No social media (ok que friendless joke here)

    That’s my usage, so what are you guys using your flagships for.

    Warning old persons “rant” I often see teens and not so teens tossing around (not taking care with) iPhones and such and think to myself that costs as much as or more than my 50” TV. Is there some sort of disconnect between a $700 phone and any other $700 object ?

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      In reply to rortech:

      You're no old person! If you were, you'd appreciate the distinction between disconnected and unconnected. The former implies previously connected but currently not connected. A teenager, parents' money, responsibility and cause-and-effect have never been connected in the [mental] teenager's mind. Unconnectedness, sure, but not yet capable of disconnectedness.

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    I don't think many people would say they need it. With the new iPhones, I hear a lot of people say "Not sure I need this year's model - but feature X is nice" and then a week or so later it becomes "Well, I pulled the trigger on the new model".

    These are often people who can afford it, though... and they are people in IT who like technology for its own sake. But I don't think they would say themselves that it's a need, and I agree that it's a bit wasteful.

    The only time it gets annoying to me is when it's an iPhone and they also start talking about how much they care about the environment and human rights :)

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