Android and task switching


With windows mobile I never had issues multitasking apps for my long commute. Waze, podcasts, GasBuddy.

With my Android phone I am seeing strange behavior since moving to it 4 month ago. I usually start off launching pocketcasts to listen to Brad and Paul first ring daily, Then I launch Waze to get my route to work and start driving. Usually about 3 to 4 minutes into the drive the podcast stops playing and I have to re-launch it to continue playing. This may happen once or twice at the beginning of my commute.

When stopped at a light I usually enter some gas prices. I launch GasBuddy and it takes forever to launch with the first station list lookup always failing. I have to do the search a second time.

So after entering the price in GasBuddy and tasking back to Waze it’s usually fine but then tasking back to GasBuddy causes a full reload with the same first lookup fails.   If I leave GasBuddy up say for 30 to 60 seconds while driving and switch back to Waze it then does a full reload and I would say 50% of the time it sometimes forgets to ask if I was to resume the route.

This is very annoying,  I even brought up memory utilization and I am only using 1.8 GB of the 3 GB of the phone so its got to something with Androids tasking system.   I did not play around at all with how Android uses battery saver in the app settings everything is default.

Any thoughts of how to keep task switching more fluid?  I don’t like that background tasks are being killed even though I am activity using them.

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