Android vs Apple, advice for a co-worker


Recently a co-worker asked me for advice on what phone she should get since I like most on this site am I technology enthusiast.  However, I am an ardent Apple hater. I hate their approach to technology (hardware over software, form over function etc.)  which leaves me as a little biased as a resource.

She stated that she currently is a Droid user and is not invested in the Apple ecosystem.  The only feature that matters for her is the camera.  

My advice to her was since she was not invested in the Apple ecosystem and camera was her main feature, get a Nexus 6p or a Pixel.   Iphones are solid, but know if you get one you need to get everything Apple to get the best experiences.  However in hindsight I feel that my bias shows through (which was mentioned before I gave her my thoughts).  

What is this community’s opinion?  I hope to eliminate my biased in her decision by using other’s more informed opinions on this site.  Thanks in advance. 

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