AT&T 5G not bad


Even though I got a 5G phone (Note 20 Ultra) I didn’t expect to benefit from 5G for awhile yet, especially as I am located in Salem, OR. I have AT&T as a provider, so I expected to se a 5Ge symbol, which is just LTE.

Turns out the symbol that turned up was actually just a 5G. Further investigation revealed that AT&T offers both the sub 6 and the millimeter wave bands. The millimeter wave band is the gig plus speed daemon, and is only available in very small section of a few cities. The sub 6 band however is much more widely deployed, and I was surprised when I looked at the coverage maps.

So I turned off my wifi to verify the 5G only connection, and went to Speedtest. I consistently go from 95 to 105 mb/s down, which I considered a big improvement over the 20 to 30 I was getting from LTE. Up was only about 10. I’ll take that like the unexpected gift it is.

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  1. james.h.robinson

    Yup, something similar happened to me with my Note 20 Ultra.

  2. amarszal

    95-105Mbps is a speed that can easily be achieved on 4G LTE, down here in Aus speeds over 100Mbps on all the cellular networks are quite common, I've regularly seen over 200Mbps on my phone (Telstra) and a 4G modem (Optus) at my home. So requiring 5G to get speeds of 95-105 rather than 20-30 on 4G LTE is more a function of the engineering (or lack of) of the cellular network.