Best Methods to Stop Spam Calls?



I recently upgraded to the LG V20 (Sprint), and got a new number as well. A day or so later, I began getting spam calls for some reason. I have never given the new phone number out. 

The spam calls are coming from different numbers, from different states. One from Minnesota, one from Washington, and one from Florida.

Perhaps Sprint is selling phone numbers or apps are forwarding my number to spammers?

My question is; What is the best methods, apps, technologies to stop spam?

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  1. 5501

    Don't know if this will help, but recently our household switched to Comcast Xfinity, and we signed up with Nomorobo (they partnered).  It does a pretty decent job of stopping nuisance calls -- it will ring once, and if it's on the known list, it just hangs up.

    • lwetzel

      In reply to ErichK:

      I tried Nomorobo and at first I thought it was great.  Then I didn't get a call from my doctors office about an appointment change.  Turns out that is done automatically and was blocked as a robo call.  So I canned Nomorobo. Use TrueCaller on my cell and Frontier has a blocking thing that I can add numbers to for my house phone.  The Do Not Call registry I've been on for years and I still get calls.  They ignore them.

  2. 2

    So I just went through this on our land line. First step is to get on the Do Not Call registry, which actually works.

  3. TechnologyTemperance

    I use the "Mr. Number' app on my cell phone.  It will throw a warning on suspected calls and also allow you to block them (cuts them off after one ring).  Has really helped me.

  4. Tim

    I'm a fan of "I don't answer any number that's not in my address book" method.

    You can almost always reach me. Kinda. Not really.

  5. RWilson

    Don't see any mentions of this yet but I've been very happy with the TrueCaller app. Since my cell is my only phone this works well for me by identifying known 'spam' callers during the incoming ring or allowing me to block repeating nuisance calls.

  6. lordbaal1

    What I sometime do, is find a porn site, put the volume all the way up, and the phone right in front of the speaker.

    Or go to youtube and search for police sirens, gun fire, ambulance sirens, and play them all together.