BlackBerry OS devices will stop working on January 4, 2022



BlackBerry stopped shipping phones and tablets with its own software years ago, switching to Android in 2015 before shifting from a hardware company to a software company and outsourcing design of BlackBerry-branded phones to other companies.

But if you’ve been hanging onto an older BlackBerry phone running BlackBerry OS, you’ve been able to continue using it for some basic tasks like web browsing and phone calls. That changes next week, because BlackBerry has announce it’s ending support for legacy services for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

Here’s the original support post from Blackberry.

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  1. bschnatt

    This actually makes me sadder than when I think about Windows Phone / Windows Mobile. The BlackBerry 10 OS was *awesome*: QNX-based multitasking power, super thoughtful and useful swipe gestures (including the now-common swipe-up to show a running task list) and a fully customizable settings panel!

    And it fully implemented the mountable USB device standard (forget the name now) so you could plug your phone into your PC, copy a TrueCrypt volume over to it and MOUNT IT directly on your phone. Then you could use FreeFileSync to sync files between mounted TrueCrypt volumes instead of having to copy the full volume over to your phone all the time (which I have to do with my BlackBerry Key2 LE or LG V20 - yes, I sometimes use my phone as a backup device! - don't judge).

    Add in the useful BlackBerry Hub services and you have a winning combination. It's almost a crime against humanity that BlackBerry gave up on BlackBerry 10. They tried, but in my humble opinion, not hard enough! Sigh...

  2. christianwilson

    I had a Blackberry Pearl that I loved. I really wanted the Curve but it wasn't on Verizon at the time. BlackBerry's focus on security was great, even if the infrastructure was kludgy by today's standards. It was the first phone I owned that I really trusted to "put my life on" with mail, calendar, etc. BlackBerry Messenger was awesome at the time, too. I had a small circle of friends, family, and colleagues that used it.

    It didn't take long to see that RIM/BlackBerry was not going to be able to match the iPhone, though. I jumped over to iPhone a bit later but was sad to watch BlackBerry fade into irrelevance.

  3. angusmatheson

    First for a product from to company that was focused on work - the name “playbook” was stupid. Second, it is fascinating to me that the iOS and iPad destroyed webOS and HP’s tablet, Blackberry OS, windows RT. I had a first generation iPad and it wasn’t that great, but boy did a lot of iPad killers crash and burn.

    • Greg Green

      Apple must’ve done with the iPad what MS did with internet explorer back in the day. Started out laughably bad but eventually took over the world.

      sad that MS doesn’t have that fire and ability anymore.

  4. navarac

    At least the devices were supported (in some manner) for a considerable time. These days it seems that once the "next awesome thing" is released, the "current thing" is quickly dumped.

  5. bschnatt

    I decided to pull out my Passport and Z30 and set them up again (while I still can)! I wanted to see what I could still do, and to see what would die after the 4th. We'll see.

    Of course, BlackBerry World won't run (no network connection), but that died a long time ago. So, Amazon App Store it is (or nothing else).

    No Amazon Prime, no Netflix. They're either not available or won't work. Sadly, the Plex app doesn't work. There's always the web interface, but I haven't tried it yet.

    The devices come with the BB10 Twitter client, but it also reports the lack of a network connection.

    The Amazon shopping app is also preinstalled, but diverts you to the website. The LinkedIn app is preinstalled but I probably won't bother with that. DuoLingo has a connection problem. Facebook is preinstalled but that's an automatic NO from me.

    Audible doesn't work.

    The Feedly app runs, but you can't log in, so you're stuck with generic topics. But that's good enough if you just want to kill time.

    The preinstalled YouTube app just opens the browser, but it works (although I haven't signed in yet)

    Here are the apps I *did* get installed and which run:

    HDHomeRun View - Watch TV on your BlackBerry if you have the HDHomeRun TV tuners on your network!

    Human Japanese (and Intermediate) - Yeah, I'm thinking of going back to learning that ('cause I'm nuts)

    PocketBible - that thing runs *everywhere* ;)

    TWIT Play - calendar doesn't work, but the live audio works

    Trek Notifications - awesome ring tones

    AlphaZero - great space shooter

    Orrery - A great, well, planetary orrery

    Pinterest - it's the older interface but it runs (they warn you about having limited features)

    Roku and Fire TV apps - They run, but haven't signed in yet

    Skype, Microsoft Outlook, OneNote - all still available and run, but I haven't signed into any of them yet (and may not).

    Spotify - it's slow, but it works (although I'm not a Premium member now, so can't test that part of it)

    TV Guide doesn't work, but "TV Listings" does, and it runs great (one of the best designed apps for this)

    Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

    Piano Companion

    DocsToGo - Yeah, it's from BlackBerry, but that wasn't a "given". I own a key to it, so I'm able to run it. If you don't have a key, you may not be able to buy one.

    AnkiDroid (and various other language learning apps I won't mention)

    AccuWeather (although the BlackBerry weather app works fine and uses AccuWeather services)

    Kindle works on the Z30 but is not available on the PassPort (sadly).

    There are some apps that are only available for the Z30 but not the PassPort, even though they would probably run fine (like "White Noise", which runs fine on the Z30). That's just lazy programming.

    Of course, the web browser can probably be used for a lot of this. I may get around to testing that within the next couple of weeks.

    The Z30 only has 2GB of RAM (compared to the Passport's 3GB), so it's a bit more problematic running some of these Android apps. For example, the Fire TV app installs, but never appears.

    • bschnatt

      Correction: The Feedly app login *may* work, but it only prompts you for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft or Evernote login credentials. If you have a direct login like I do, you can't log in. And the Feedly app isn't available for the PassPort

    • bschnatt

      Correction #2: The Kindle app *does* run on the PassPort, but not without a couple weird error messages to start with. I downloaded a book and when I opened it, I was told it was invalid and to download it again. I did, and this time it opened. Maybe got corrupted during the initial download. Whatever! It works...

  6. epsjrno

    Alas, poor BlackBerry. There are times I miss my 8830 in red. That phone was a true workhorse.