"Calling" one of the assistants via a phone number from Bluetooth


I posted this as a comment on one of the “Thurrott Now” posts but it probably will never be seen by anyone there. Posting here hoping someone has an answer…

I felt like an idiot the other day in the car. I realised by accident – due to a Game of Thrones podcast referring to Bran as “googling history” – that my S8 supported “OK, Google” through the car bluetooth.

So during another drive I thought I’d “call my wife”.

I said OK, Google. No response.

Hey Cortana. No response.

Hello Bixby. No response.

Then a few seconds later I got something about “bixby is a ….” through my car speakers.

It wasn’t immediately clear which assistant finally responded.

Cheating and looking at the phone whilst stuck at some lights, it turns out it was Bixby.

Getting it to “call my wife” was a *lot* harder than it was using Cortana on my Nokia 920. I loved how you could even “call cortana” via that preset phone number. That made it so easy to integrate with Car Bluetooth.

Does anyone know if any of the assistants on the S8 (Cortana, Google or Bixby) have a similar function? I’d find that a lot more reliable than hoping the phone / bluetooth hears me and knows I want to start the conversation.

From what I can tell, the Cortana number was 5555559876 if my Google-fu is working well today 🙂

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