Comcast Xfinity sent me a defective phone?


Hi again all. Sorry to spam the forums with my posts (I think this is my third in three days), but…

Anyway, after having recently discovered that my Comcast Xfinity service comes with mobile included, I decided to switch over to that from TracFone. I ordered a Motorola Moto e5 Play (I know that’s an entry-level phone, but it’s still better than what I had).

It arrived yesterday, but I couldn’t finish setting it up. At first it seemed like it didn’t want to boot up at all, but then finally I got to the setup screen and got as far as entering my Google credentials. After that, no matter what I did, the screen showed nothing at all, blank, nada, zip. (I let it charge for a good hour before I tried turning it on. For the brief period when the screen *was* working, I saw the battery indicator at 100%)

But what’s funny is, I think the phone is actually turning on, but it’s the *screen* that’s the problem. Because I can hear it say “Hello Moto!” (apparently this is something that the Moto phones do, and there are threads on how to turn that off), but the screen shows nothing.

So after doing some research, I found out that it’s possible for the backlight to go bad on a phone. So I guess what I wanted to ask you guys is, have you ever been shipped a phone with a problem like this out of the box? Or any other major issue where you had to return it immediately?

Regardless, I called support and they’re shipping me a replacement.

I was just bummed, because I thought I’d be spending last night setting it up and playing with it.

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