Dealing With The Morons



So I’m not in some fancy job. I’m customer service lead at a big box retailer know for their numerous coupons (Bed Bath and Beyond)

I very VERY regularly help customers with mobile offers, and so I very often see STUPID behavior.

“Go to”

And the customer with an iPhone runs Google and touches a thing and raises the phone to their face “THIS. PAGE. DOT. COM” Then we spend the next five minutes fucking around with them screwing with shitty El Goog.

BTW, Fuck Google. Thanks you asshats for creating an army of internet illiterate dipshits. Hope your useless company goes tits up.

So I had to deal with a woman who was so stupid that she couldn’t DO ANYTHING without going to the iOS task switcher and quitting EVERYTHING. Every time.

I finally got so sick of her stupidity, I said, “You really, REALLY don’t have to do that. iOS will automatically manage resources and suspend apps you’re not using”

She gave me this death glare, as if I was a fuckhead for daring to tell her how to use her phone correctly.

Dealing with morons. So fucking sick of it. Especially fuck Google. Facebook can burn in Hell too.