Everything Must Go: Loose Phones and Tablets (Updated)


Update: This giveaway is over. Please see below for the list of winners. –Paul

All of these phones and tablets “loose,” meaning they are incomplete: I don’t have the boxes or docs, just the devices. Each works fine, from what I can tell, and I will include some form of charging cable with each. Possibly not the originals.

Loose phones

I believe these are all unlocked, but no promises.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM. This phone is similar to the one I gave away recently except that it is incomplete. It has a cyan blue removable case. It is in excellent shape. Here’s an overview of this phone, but with a green case.

BLU WIN HD. This is the first-generation (non-LTE) BLU Win HD smartphone. It is bright yellow and is in excellent shape. Here is my review, from 2014.

BLU WIN JR. This is a little piece of crap that was designed to compete with the Lumia 530 (also a piece of crap). It is the first-generation (non-LTE) BLU WIN JR, with a white removable case. It is in excellent condition. But is a piece of crap. Here’s my overview from 2014.

Loose tablets

Apple iPad (first generation). This is my first-generation Apple iPad with 16 GB of storage and Wi-Fi. It is loose, with no box or docs, but there is a third-party cover protecting the back and I think it works fine. I have a few charging cables, but no power plug. It’s heavy, but still surprisingly good.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet (first generation). This is the first Kindle Fire, I think, meaning it dates back to 2011. It’s blocky and black, and a bit heavy, and the back is scratched up. But it works, and the screen is fine. Battery life is unknown, but it charges up.

How to get one of these devices

I’ll ship these anywhere in the world.

Please comment only with the exact name of the product you want (e.g. “Apple iPad (first generation)”, with no quotes).

You can ask for multiple products, but please do so one per comment.

And please do not request the same product more than once.

I will select the winners just before 1 pm on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (EST), so you have a bit more time than usual. (Monday is a holiday in the U.S.)

Remember, you can only win one item from each batch, sorry. But if you’ve won in the past, you can still win with subsequent batches.

Thanks! –Paul

UPDATE: Here are the winners

I’ve emailed the winners. But here’s a list:

Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM. jlv632


BLU WIN JR. TheSalientOne

Apple iPad (first generation). PaulMD

Amazon Kindle Fire tablet (first generation). dansfaulkner

Thanks! –Paul