No PC needed at Bank of America


I needed to open an account of B of A today. The young lady had a pc on her desk but everything was done on her iPad and my iPhone. Interesting.

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    Had your phone used Android, would the young lady's PC have been needed? Also, did you already have a BofA account, so it was simple to pull up your customer info? If so, I'd hope it was simple to create another account.

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    Pretty soon you won't need the young lady at the desk.

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    If she had a Macbook on her desk, the scenario would have been the same.

    If you had an Android phone with the same app, the scenario would have been the same.

    Therefore I'm not sure how this is interesting, objectively speaking.

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      In reply to WP7Mango:

      The interesting part is an iPad taking over where a Windows PC would have traditionally been in place, in a market that has historically been almost 100% Windows and Apple never usually gets a foot in the door. So the iPad made a big dent in Windows usage on the consumer side over the last decade it is now starting to make a real dents on the enterprise side. I've seen in the UK many stores and banks starting to have iPads. So you know how the PC market is declining, even when that shortly reverses with a quarter or 2 of growth, it is not as big as it could have been because they don't need Windows/PC's in those situations anymore so that Windows 7 device becomes an iPad not a Windows 10 device.

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        In reply to 2ilent8cho:

        iPads in UK banks etc have been around for years, hence why it's not interesting.

        My point is that it's nothing to do with iPads taking over. It's to do with the web browser taking over. And because the web is device agnostic and OS agnostic, you'll find all sorts of devices taking over from the traditional PC, whether it's iPads or even a new type of PC. For single purpose app usage, often consumer facing, a simple device does the job. Some devices are therefore overkill for that requirement, such as a laptop or desktop PC.

        I do a lot of financial software development, and it's all 100% web based. No new iOS apps, no new PC applications. Just 100% web applications.

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    It's all web and app based these days, we have many challenger banks in the UK like Monzo and Starling. Takes 5 minutes to open an account, just through the app.

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    smartphones are computers.

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    This seems to be the way everything is going. Not necessarily the movement away from the PC, but the movement of everything to web applications. Our company rolled out some new ERP software last year, and it runs in the browser. Between that and SharePoint, I spent the vast majority of my time in the browser (the new Edge, for me) or in full-fat Outlook. Interestingly, despite the fact that email is easily done in a web client, there is absolutely no replacing Outlook. It is utterly indispensable for doing things efficiently.

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