OMG teh bezzals


Listening to all the talk nowadays, one would think that the most important part of a phone is the damn border around the screen. As if its size matters one whit to operating the thing.

Hi. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if the screen goes to the very edge with tricks of curved glass that distort the edges of the screen and break super-easily or if you’re essentially holding a small iPad. It doesn’t matter.

The only damn thing that matters is that the software performs.

It’s like the thickness of the thing. Who cares how thin it is? I don’t. I put my iPhone in a Mophie Juice Pack that has 120% extra charge. That’s a lot! I never have to worry about having enough power. Why isn’t the damn phone just nice and thick and filled with battery to start with?

Perhaps one of the places I disagree with Apple. They set an arbitrary benchmark for longevity and then they thin the thing out so much as they stick to that benchmark. If they made it thicker, it would run longer, which is actually better.

Better is better than not better.

Forget this “better is the enemy of good enough” malarky. Better is just better, and if you have the choice between thin and four day battery life, you choose the latter. That’s “working better.” And that is all that matters.

So in the end, since you can’t use a bezel… Who gives a crap? I don’t buy a phone for how it looks, but for how it works. If I cared about appearance, I wouldn’t choose the most austere and Spartan one out there. I use an iPhone because it works better for me.

Do not choose a phone based on design fads – which is all “bezel-less” is, a design fad – Choose it on how well it works for you. Be it iOS, Android, or even for you True Believers out there, the tiny scraps left of Windows 10 Mobile. Use what works best for you.

And for those of you who need to choose a phone based on design fads? Hell yes enjoy what you got! Paul, I hope you love whatever you decide on.

Because that’s all that matters.

That you like it. Good night everyone, and good luck.

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