OnePlus 7 owners, are you happy?


I am in market to replace my moto z. I have been following the OnePlus. Has the camera issues been fixed? What is the experi nice with battery life?

what else should I look at for an android user?

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  1. MacLiam

    I have a 7 Pro with which I am pretty happy, but I won't suggest that you evaluate a 7 on my experience just because the two phones share some components and design features that ought to work much the same way in both models.

    As far as the camera is concerned, I suggest that you look for a "Taken with my OP 7" thread wherever you can find one and evaluate the posted photos for yourself. I don't think there is a single camera issue with OP7 phones. There have been system updates since the original release that addressed weaknesses identified by early adopters, but to my eye there can still be seen in some images a softness that won't be computed away; that may be down to the sensor and lens. I am often happy with many images from my 7 Pro, but not all of them. Company pronouncements suggest they intend to keep working on updates to address complaints about the cameras, but I expect there will be a point of vanishing returns.

    There is a widely discussed hack among OP users that will allow use of the Pixel's Google Camera app with its own drivers on the 7 Pro. I tried that but didn't really see a consistent or even situation-specific improvement. In one case, the Pro 7's camera produced a much better image than the Gcam did.

    For your second question, I think you should consider your experiences with the Moto Z. What features that you used regularly sometimes disappointed you, and what do reviewers say about those specific features on the OP phones? Also, bear in mind that the Android 10 wave is about to wash over the world, and it is said by many reviewers to be quite improved over what existed before. Android 10 on many phones may be automatically better than what you have been experiencing.

    Just to be clear, OP phones run what the company calls the Oxygen OS. Oxygen is basic Android with a really light set of additions and appearance modifications. There is already a late beta for Oxygen available based on Android 10, and I predict you can expect the final release reasonably soon.

    For reference, my 7 Pro is a replacement for a Nexus 6P. Its camera is in no way worse than the 6P's, but it seems a little weaker than it should be for three years of technological advances in phone-based imaging.

    • Simard57

      In reply to MacLiam:

      Thank you for the detailed response.

      one of the features I like about the moto camera is the wrist twist to activate it. Are there such shortcuts on the OP?

      my other use is quite routine. I did install the Microsoft Launcher but might avoid that for a test drive and dive the OP Oxygen launcher a spin.

      my main gripe is battery life. I expect the OP to be better but worry that it is pinged for battery life. can the screen resolution or refresh rate be adjusted for longer life?

      I am unsure TMO has the 7 - I think the 7 Pro is the choice.

      • MacLiam

        In reply to Simard57:
        Sorry, intended to mention the battery but neglected to do so. The 7 Pro comes with a 4000 mAh battery. I'm a light phone user, so one charge could theoretically last me three days. I usually try to recharge when it hits the 20% level to avoid battery stress, which had become a major problem with the 6P. That phone had a smaller battery (I forget : 3000-3200 mAh?) that over three years was only working at about 75% stated capacity. The phone also developed the annoying habit of shutting down when a stated 30% of the battery power was still there. I thought about replacing it for more than a year before ordering the 7 Pro. (Other purchase candidates from Huwawei and Pixel had issues that bothered me.) The only battery concern that surfaced is that the stated capacity of 4000 mAh is already down to ~3750 according to the AccuBattery app, which I recommend, Most of that drop occurred in the first few recharge cycles; the decline seems to have stopped or slowed greatly in the last several recharges, and battery health is now rated at 94-95%. I got this phone at the beginning of July, so that's a 5% battery drop in two months. Not encouraging, but possibly also not typical. And yes, screen res and refresh can be set to high performance or more battery-friendly levels. You can also manage background activity for different apps to keep the unit from drawing on the battery without your knowledge.
        The 7 Pro has a number of gestural and tap options for waking and sleeping. I don't know if a wrist rotation is specifically included, but mine lights up when I lift it off a table or pull it out of a pocket. The fingerprint sign-in is completely reliable in my experience, but the time window to get a thumb or finger on the hot spot at the bottom of the screen is pretty short. If the screen blacks before you can authenticate, you may have to push the physical wake button on the side to get another chance. There may be adjustments you can make in settings, but the situation hasn't bothered me enough to look for them. The OP user guides are available on line, so it should be possible to answer that question fairly easily.
        I'm using my 7 Pro on Google Fi, but since it doesn't have the ability to auto-switch from T-Mo to Sprint and USC. I am basically a T-Mo customer on this phone. I bought it straight from OnePlus, so it may not look like a regular T-Mo phone to the carrier.

        • Simard57

          In reply to MacLiam:

          thank you again.

          The version T-Mobile sells has one SIM slots not two. I am not sure that is a downside or not. I do travel internationally to Caribbean and use T-Mobiles international support. I am on vacation when I am traveling so the lower speed 2G or 3G is not much a burden for me.

          thank you for the recommendation of looking at the user manual - I will do that.

          -- there are quick camera actions - double press power button turns camera on. nice