OnePlus FTW


I’ve used many Android phones over the years. Most of them I didn’t care for because they were just a messy,laggy experience compared to iphone. For that reason I’d been using iphone for a while. I wanted to change back to Android though for Your Phone and some other reasons.

A few days ago I saw the OnePlus 7T go on sale for $400 so I got one. I have to say, this is the cleanest and smoothest Android experience I’ve ever come across. The whole OS is so clean that it reminds me of IOS. It is very refreshing to see a new take on Android that doesn’t add tons of bloat but rather they optimize everything. I haven’t really tested the Camera yet but I’m not too demanding there. As far as battery goes I was at 17 percent when I got it and then using the quick charge state I was at 92% about 30 minutes later.

@Paul Thurrott I think you should check out OnePlus.

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