OnePlus FTW


I’ve used many Android phones over the years. Most of them I didn’t care for because they were just a messy,laggy experience compared to iphone. For that reason I’d been using iphone for a while. I wanted to change back to Android though for Your Phone and some other reasons.

A few days ago I saw the OnePlus 7T go on sale for $400 so I got one. I have to say, this is the cleanest and smoothest Android experience I’ve ever come across. The whole OS is so clean that it reminds me of IOS. It is very refreshing to see a new take on Android that doesn’t add tons of bloat but rather they optimize everything. I haven’t really tested the Camera yet but I’m not too demanding there. As far as battery goes I was at 17 percent when I got it and then using the quick charge state I was at 92% about 30 minutes later.

@Paul Thurrott I think you should check out OnePlus.

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  1. codymesh

    Enjoy it while it lasts, because the next update to Oxygen OS strips out the "stock Android" look and feel entirely.

  2. peterc

    They are ace handsets at great prices in my opinion. Oxygen OS is about to have some changes, I wouldn’t worry too much about that, oneplus really focus on useability and flow so I’m expecting some great results from the new oxygen OS.

    Saying that put MS launcher on the handset and make that your own! I leave MS launcher as my default on my OPO 7T.

    If your feeling adventurous..... you can instal the Huawei app gallery and HMS core too onto the handset to see how that’s developing. It’s been really interesting to see how fast It’s coming on compared to google play store and what’s available and from which developers. it’s curious to see that on the Huawei app gallery you can install the epic games launcher (fortnite) which google play store removed, like Apple. Very funny.

    Considering the whole App Store/play store commissions and other legal issues debacle the fact 3rd party app stores can be installed on android devices is likely to become an interesting twist..... maybe ?

  3. rob_segal

    OnePlus phones perform really well, but the cameras have been a problem when compared to the photo quality Huawei, Google, and Samsung Android phones have. Maybe, OnePlus can nail the camera photo quality in the upcoming 8T. If they improve the telephoto lens, it could be my next smartphone.

    • Travis

      In reply to rob_segal:

      I am by no means a camera snob so it doesn't take too much to make me happy with a camera. For the one plus 7t just having three lenses is way nicer than what I had on iphone xr.

  4. anderb

    Paul has mentioned OnePlus many times: the camera isn't good enough for his liking.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy one because they're overpriced and the company has a history of questionable behavior, the latest 'outrage' being a forced install of their 'buds' app.

    • Paul Thurrott

      To be fair, they're getting closer with each release. I would say, camera aside, OnePlus is my favorite phone maker overall. And it's not like the camera is terrible, it's just not as good as the market leaders.
  5. MacLiam

    At this point OnePlus is the brand I would look to first when a newer Android phone is needed. When my Nexus 6P became almost unusable a couple of years ago, I started looking for a replacement. I had just about decided to go with a Huawei phone when the big Sinophobia attack struck, and rather than commit to a phone that was destined to become an orphan, I finally settled on a a phone from a smaller Chinese company, the OnePlus 7 Pro. The camera did not immediately impress in every situation, but the weakness I saw was far less than the awfulness being asserted by almost every early review. The satisfactory photos I took with it greatly outnumber the completely unsatisfactory ones, and after a learning curve and some image-by-image forethought the photos I began taking with the 7 Pro were among the best photos I have ever managed to get with a phone camera. Grab shooters could be disappointed, but shooters who were patient and took pains to force capture of the image they wanted should have found that phone to their liking.

    The promised improvements in the 8/8 Pro got me to retire the 7 Pro and get the new version, which is just about perfect in every regard. Ease of use of some photography features has improved, with particular praise going to the supermacro setting for closeups and the dim-light feature for nighttime and poorly illuminated scenes. OnePlus seems to me the equal of any highly praised phone that offers an "available darkness" setting -- and superior to many of them. Longer telephoto shots are a little weak compared to other phones, but in my view not bad enough to carp about.

    I don't doubt there are other Android phones whose users are so satisfied with them that they will feel no need to look at OnePlus when the time comes to replace their current device. But if there are users who think their current flagship isn't giving them what they really want, I would encourage them to add OnePlus to the "maybe" list when they start evaluating alternatives.

    (Edited to fix some choppy sentences.)

  6. romerob

    I've had 5t for 2.5 years and it was my favorite phone ever and probably still is. Clean design, metal back, great performance (I'm not a gamer). Even the camera was good enough for me, I'm not instagram influencer and my cat posts were pretty crisp. The camera was awful in the low lite though.


    Now I have my 8, it's great, but I'm not excited anymore. I don't feel I've cheated out great value as I did with 5t. The price is just not right.

    Robert Bernal, writer

  7. simard57

    I have the same phone since it came out - my main annoyance is that that the autobright mode is too dark for my tastes - I wish I could set the level and have it stay there.

    I do not rate the camera as high on list as others. Battery life and fast charging are more important to me. I will stick with OnePlus for the near future.

    • peterc

      In reply to Simard57:

      >>> my main annoyance is that that the autobright mode is too dark for my tastes - I wish I could set the level and have it stay there

      You can.

      Reset the: Adaptive Brightness Settings, its found in the main menu - Display - Screen/Adaptive Brightness on Oxygen OS 10.X

      This setting can also be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen, and then expanding the hidden menu icons further by dragging this windows down further exposing 12 regularly used icons, and at the bottom of those is the Adaptive Screen Brightness setting slider too.

      It maybe that after resetting you will get prompts to confirm if screen is too bright or not etc, and just complete to your tastes.

      Make sense?

  8. jamie_webster

    I've yet to try one . They do look nice . Cameras don't bother me I don't take alot of photos and I am tbe worst photo taker ever. Apparently Gamepass is not compatible with one plus oxygen Os maybe its due to some modifications they have in tbere skin