Phones that support C-band 5G


Does anyone have a definitive list of phones available now that support C-band 5G? I have my eye on an excellent-condition refurb S20+ 5G. There is conflicting information about whether it supports C-band.

The phones that support C-band by all accounts are the S21 series, iPhone 12 and 13 series, Pixel 5 series, Pixel 6 but maybe not the 6 Pro….and also the Galaxy A32 5G, for some reason. Are there others?

Does anyone know for sure about the S20 series and C-band? Thanks.

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  1. lvthunder

    Why does it matter? What's the benefit? I know this is the band the airline industry is worried about.

  2. scoop

    Supposedly C-band will be the sweet spot that makes 5G fly out in the relative boonies. We shall see. Looks like it will be awhile before the aviation issue is worked out.

  3. snow.steve22

    (Verizon is calling it "Ultra Wideband" and Nokia says "5G high-band spectrum delivers super-fast speeds over short distances")

    Also, know that the phones with 5G Millimeter Band have what I call "Weenie Windows" in the shell of the phone which are thin, special portals in the shell of the phone optimized to pass the very attenuation-sensitive microwave signals that this service uses. This suggests that third-party protective covers and maybe some manufacturer-supplied covers (like leather?) may also have warnings that they may attenuate the highest band signals.

    Regarding the benefits of Millimeter Band in suburban and country settings, I suspect it's not likely to be available anytime soon. The need for (many?) additional cell sites of whatever character somewhere in closer proximity to your likely places of need will make early installation unlikely and uber expensive. Maybe you will see them (or not see them) in places where people gather - they have been installing them in big stadiums and I think I'm seeing them in downtown settings where there are a lot of people working in medium-height office buildings. Another possible location may be in popular highway service areas where they will get a taste of the faster service (and get that indicator on for PR purposes) during their travels.