Question for Paul et. al. about S8+ vs Lumia 1520


Between Windows Phone’s fate finally being made officially official (sort of the opposite of “Double-Secret Probation” I guess), and my Lumia 1520’s battery seemingly being barely able to hold a charge anymore, and as I’m long overdue for an AT&T upgrade anyway, I’m looking for a new phone.

I loved the 1520, and I hate Apple, so the S8+ seems like the most sensible choice. However, I remember Paul’s criticism of the 1520’s size, yet when reading some recent articles about the S8+, I couldn’t help but notice that whereas Paul thought the 1520 was too big and would be ridiculous to hold to one’s ear while making a call, the S8+ is a game-changer that, if I read the one comment by Paul correctly, wasn’t big enough.

I swear I’m not trolling here, just really curious – what is it about the S8+ that shields it from the size criticisms the 1520 received? I see that while the S8+’s screen is bigger, the phone is smaller, lighter, and thinner. Is that it?

Thanks in advance for any replies and insights!

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Not sure I said it wasn't big enough, but the display/form factor of the S8+ is indeed smaller and more manageable than the 1520 because of the aspect ratio.

    The 1520 was humongous. The S8+ is not. Just go into a Best Buy, Costco, or whatever and compare them.

    • evox81

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      In agreement with Paul here. Prior to getting an S8+ I was not a fan of the phablet form factor. But with the minimal bezels and the taller screen aspect ratio, the S8+ really isn't comparable to 6 inch phones of the past. Despite an extra half inch of screen size, it's definitely more manageable in hand than even 5.7" phones from just a year ago.

    • The Binary Son

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      I think the quote I was referring to was this from your "I'm Returning the Samsung Galaxy S8+" article: "Thin format factor. I specifically purchased the Galaxy S8+ because of its “6.2-inch screen,” thrilled at getting a big-screen device that could do everything. But it’s not a true phablet, and it is surprisingly small overall. Many will love it for this reason, and I am actually OK with it. (Plus the screen is freaking gorgeous.) But I really was hoping for a bigger device. Maybe the Note 8 or a coming Pixel XL revision (or XXL) will solve this need."

      I'm just confused by this comment, though I understand and appreciate the responses to my question!

      • jimchamplin

        In reply to The Binary Son:

        Pretty straightforward. The S8+ is incredibly narrow and tall. That's the thin format Paul's talking about. Just look at the thing. People want a big screen but not a big thing in their pocket. This lets 'em have it. Lots of vertical room in portrait. Full 16:9 frame visible in landscape. Physically small enough to still fit in your jeans and not look like you have a paperback in your pocket.

  2. jimchamplin

    The S8 is tall and narrow as opposed to being a huge serving platter.

    I had a 1520. It was too big, and I hated that the touch digitizer crapped out after less than a year. Neither Nokia or AT&T would fix it.

  3. Usman

    The S8+ is narrower but taller than the 1520. The S8+ is easier to manage with one hand.

    The 1520 was a beast, it was larger than the 950XL (which in it's one right was a large phone).

  4. illuminated

    Our perception of size may have changed too. When I look at my old Samsung Focus it looks tiny. When I bought it I thought it was kind of big but OK. Now we have small TVs with us and it is no longer funny. 10 inch phone? Fine. 15 inch phone? Too big for my pocket but if you buy special pants...