Samsung legal problems–big deal to you?


So Samsung is under fire with executives getting arrested on corruption charges. Does that change your opinion of the company or any future purchase decisions? What if this had happened to Apple or MS? Just thought it might be a good discussion.

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4 responses to “Samsung legal problems–big deal to you?”

  1. navarac

    Corruption seems to be the norm in Asia, or is that just a perception? What is corruption? Depends on your morals. When I worked in the Defence industry (UK), even accepting a drink or meal from a company rep had to go in a hospitality book as insurance.

    I am very sure that Samsung is not the only company to be involved, and that it is not confined to Asia.

    I can't think this would influence my buying decisions. I'm about to go out next week to get a Samsung Galaxy S8 for the spouse.

  2. Angusmatheson

    Samsung has had a leadership crisis since the man who creating it, the father of the man who went to jail, had a stroke. There has been a power struggle for control, and it had looked like it had been settled. Until this. Who will run the company for the next 5 years. Can someone really take over and lead? Can the man who is going to jail, take control again when he comes back? Jobs (the second time) and Gates had succession plans. This gives a sense of stability which Samsung doesn't have. Maybe Samsung doesn't need this. But I bet big, bold decisions will be harder to make.

  3. anchovylover

    I can assure you of one thing. If this had happened to MS it would be all over the internet and tech blogs would be full of people laying the boots in. I am convinced MS are unfairly held to a higher standard than Apple and Google. A sure way for blogs to get traffic and comments is to put up a negative MS article. The sharks swarm when they can taste MS blood in the water.

  4. rameshthanikodi

    Samsung is a huge, HUGE conglomerate, more than Microsoft or Apple, and as far as I can tell, the executives being charged aren't part of the electronics/mobile division of Samsung. Plus, the corruption charges surfaced not yesterday, but way back when Samsung announced the Galaxy S6, and it doesn't appear to have distracted the company. So i'm alright with it.