Smartphones – Now & Then


What smartphones does everyone here use:

Now and then (10 years ago).



A LG Optimus S, with a laughable 3.2″ display, 600mhz processor, 256MB of RAM. A dinosaur by today’s standards. It played Angry Birds reasonably well then!


A Google Pixel 4a 5G: An excellent phone so far, with a great camera, performance, and a rich beautiful display.

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  1. wright_is

    Then, htc Mozart, Windows Phone and an iPhone 3GS.

    Now Samsung Galaxy S20+ and iPhone SE.

  2. j5

    Then: Samsung Epic 4G (I LOVED THAT PHONE haha "big price tag" back in 2010 when it was released, it was $250!)

    Now: iPhone 12

  3. gregsedwards

    2005 - LG VX 8100

    2007 - HTC VX6700

    2011 - HTC 7 Trophy

    2014 - Nokia Lumia 822

    2015 - Nokia Lumia 830

    2015 - Nokia Lumia 1520

    2016 - Nokia Lumia 950

    2017 - Apple iPhone 6

    2019 - Apple iPhone 8

    2020 - Google Pixel 3

  4. wright_is

    To complete the story:

    1991: Psion Series 3 (PDA)

    1993: Psion Series 3a (PDA)

    1997: Psion Series 5 (PDA)

    2002: Fujitsu Siemens Lynx + GSM phone module (PDA/smartphone running Windows Mobile)

    2008: htc XDA Pro (O² branded Windows Mobile smartphone)

    2009: Apple 3GS

    2010: htc Mozart 7 Windows Phone 7

    2011: Samsung Galaxy S3 (company phone)

    2011: htc Sensation

    2013: Nokia Lumia 1020

    2015: Nokia Lumia 950

    2016: Google Nexus 5x

    2018: Huawei Mate 10 Pro

    2018: Huawei P20 (company phone)

    2020: Samsung Galaxy S20+

    2020: iPhone SE (company phone)

  5. geekwithkids

    before 2010 HTC 720 - Windows 6.0 phone with slide out keyboard. Didn't even have data for it, just email.

    2010 - Motorola Milestone - Another Slide out keyboard. One of the first good Android Phones

    ... I had a bunch of phones for get years: HTC Amaze, Nokia Lumia 520, Samsung Note 3, Moto z with it's interchangeable back-plate expansion, Samsung s8

    2021- Samsung S10 and S10+ (For work) Coveting a new phone. Don't know what to get.

  6. ruivo

    Luckily I always got a model that I enjoyed, be it phones, cars and computers. I always tried not to overspend, but also not to skimp on devices that would be part of my daily routine.


    10 years ago I had a Nokia x3, one of those slide phones. Loved the thing, dumb as a rock, but had a j2me e-book reader in which I read all Asimov books (in a very, very tiny font). It also had a 3d chess game that I could sort of cheat, I loved that as well! It fell in the water near the end of its life, but I salvaged it with rice and some WD 40

    I got my first actual smartphone in 2013-ish, a Nokia 520. Went all the way with the sinking Windows phone ship - 720, then 830 - up until the SO died the death of a thousand cuts in mid-2017


    The same Galaxy S8 that replaced my Nokia 830. In a way I never really let go of Windows phone, since I use Launcher 10. Love it and hope it lasts until the punch hole trend to die off.

  7. erichk

    I just used a Tracfone flip-phone 10 years ago.

    Today I have a Moto e5 Play.

  8. mikegalos

    Then (December 2003): Motorola MPx-200 - generations ahead of anything else on the market

    Now: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - boring and generic

  9. txag

    Then: some Motorola flip phone.

    Now: iPhone 12 mini

  10. arnstarr

    IPhone 4.

    Galaxy Note10

  11. winner

    Then: My first smartphone was an LG from Virgin Mobile in about 2011. Very low end as a trial.

    Now: Also a Pixel 4a 5G; has been really good.

  12. dhr2018

    2011: Iphone 3G or 3GS (dont remember which)

    2021: Iphone SE (2020) + Motorola G8+

  13. jimchamplin

    I went from a Motorola RAZR to a Samsung Blackjack, which was a Blackberry ripoff running Windows Mobile. Went from that to an iPhone 3GS, then to an iPhone 4. After that I used Windows Phone for several years, going from a Lumia 820 (which I still have and it still works very well running Windows 10) to a 1520 which I used alongside a Lumia Icon on Verizon. The 1520's touch panel went out and they refused to cover it under warranty so I replaced it with some really cheap device that I used until 2016 when I got an iPhone 6S and I haven't looked back.

    They're boring but they work consistently.

  14. SAPaleAle

    Then(in no particular order) : Motorola Flip , Nokia E71, iPhone 3GS, HTC Desire, Samsung s3,s5,s7 edge, s8+, Note 8, Pixel 3XL,,s9+, s10+

    Now Samsung s20+ 5G

  15. illuminated

    Then: we had several choices and it was exciting

    Now: iPhone or Android. Boring and mandatory stuff. I do not think anybody really cares anymore.

  16. sevenacids

    Then: No smartphone at all, Now: Samsung middle-class. In a short timeline:

    2009: Nokia 6303 - not in use but still works

    2016: Lumia 650 - still in use for cycling as an emergency phone because it doesn't matter if it breaks

    2020: Samsung A50 - current main, due to the end of Windows Mobile/app support

    For the next one, I'd like to see a Samsung that is comparable to the iPhone mini but I don't see me replacing the current one before 2023/2024. I'm not a junkie in this regards, my primary use case is messaging and music playback, and as long as this works out, I'm fine - and no, I'm not 60+ but well under 40 and work in IT ;).

  17. Usman

    2010: Nokia X6

    April 2011: Samsung Omnia 7 (European Equivalent of the Samsung Focus)

    November 2012: Lumia 920

    September 2013 - November 2015: Lumia 1020 (won through a hackathon)

    November 2015: Lumia 950 XL

    July 2016: Nexus 5X (Needed a phone for Pokemon Go, One Plus 3 was completely out of stock)

    June 2017: Samsung S8 - Nexus 5x was crippled by its 2GB of RAM and I was eligible for a network upgrade

    September 2018: Note 9 - Got a great trade-in value for my S8

    January 2021: Samsung S21 Ultra

  18. wunderbar

    10 years ago from right now I was using a Samsung Galaxy S, no bloody 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, or 21.

    Right now i'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

    my very first smartphone was the HTC Touch. God that thing was awful, but because of a loophole in my wireless carrier of the time they considered that a feature phone, and I could get unlimited 3G data on it for $7/month. From there I went to a Palm Pre, which is a phone I still love to this day. After Palm started to implode I moved to Android on that Samsung Galaxy S.

    While I used a samsung phone then and now between I did use a lot of nexus devices. I had the Nexus 4, 5, and 6P. I've since gone back to Samsung, having the Galaxy S8+ and the Note 10+

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