Substack now has a mobile app


From Substack:

Today, we’re launching an iOS app for reading. It’s like your email inbox, but better.

For readers, the app brings all your Substack subscriptions together in one venue, giving you a beautiful, focused place to read your favorite writers. Discovery features make it easier to find and fall in love with new writers, and the app brings text, audio, video, and community seamlessly together for the best reading experience on the internet.

For writers, your connection to your readers gets upgraded when they choose to install the app. As ever, you retain total ownership of your content and mailing list, but now you also get instant, reliable delivery (no more Promotions folder!), multiple media formats in a single package, and another way for readers to connect with you and your work.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad here

For Android users, sign up for the waiting list here.

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  1. j5

    Nice! Did Substack announce this? I subscribe to a few people and having a central location to view everything would be great. But yeah I didn't see any announcements from them about this. Will definitely have to check this out.

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