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My wife and I are moving our phones from Consumer Cellular to Mint SIM after seeing Paul’s post because the performance of CC in our new area has been poor. The first 6 months on Mint Sim are going to cost us ~$140 total (10 GB/mo for me, 5 for her) where as CC was $71/mo.

$140 for 15 GB/mo vs $426 for 5 GB/mo is no contest.

Does anyone have experience with Mint SIM or another MVNO we should be on the lookout for?

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  1. RicketyTiger

    I jumped in with both feet! Bought an Android device and a Mint sim. They seemed compatible and gave coverage in some known troublesome spots for ATT. So just yesterday, ordered 4 more sims. Keeping my ATT stock (for the diviends) and dumping the $225 plan for a $75 plan. Maybe now the ATT dividends will show a net profit.

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