Verizon compatible phone for around $300 and question about Google Fi


My original Pixel has been acting up and I may need to replace it. The best I have found for around $300 right now is LG – G7 ThinQ for $240 from Best Buy or Google Pixel 3a for $350 when activated on Verizon. Like to see what other phones people recommend or what they think of the 2 I mentioned.

Also, my parents have Google Fi. If my OG Pixel is not dead, could I get a data only SIM from Google Fi to use in my old Pixel that would let me kid play Pokemon Go? Would the data only SIM work for other phones as well or would there be any advantage in using the Pixel in this way? Thanks

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  1. karlinhigh

    Here is the Google Fi Data-Only SIM page.

    I am not familiar enough with Pokemon Go to comment on fitness for purpose.

  2. yoshi

    FWIW, I have the Pixel 3a XL and love it. You may find it's worth the extra for that compared to the LG, since you're already used to Pixel phones.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to yoshi:

      I think I'm leaning that way right now. I did some research on the cpu and it is better than I thought it was going to be. Really wanted wireless charging this time around though. Had it with my 928 and Icon and seemed like a big step backwards losing it when I got my Pixel.