what phone to consider next?


I have been a OnePlus customer but seems they are heading in another direction. where should I look for my next phone? Samsung? Pixel?

I am in US on T-Mobile.


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  1. wright_is

    If you want the privacy slider, I think your only option is iPhone.

    But, it really comes down to what you really want out of the phone? What is disappearing on the OnePlus that is making you jump ship?

    Samsung and Google go in completely different directions to each other, and neither is a real fit as a OnePlus replacement.

  2. simard57

    mostly I am concerned about the OnePlus merge OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS. perhaps not a rationale reason, but change is a reason to consider other options

    I also feel the OnePlus camera performance has lost ground from the other choices. I was shown a close-up of a Full Moon taken on a Samsung that I could not replicate at all on the OnePlus.

    I do like having the slider above the power button - it is a great feature.


  3. rob_segal

    Do you want to stick with Android? I ask because the best overall smartphone on the market is probably the iPhone. With that being said, I would stay away from Pixel. Too many issues are reported by too many people. Samsung S22 might be your best option, but I am having performance issues with my S22 Ultra. I regret purchasing it. I'm sticking with it till next year when I upgrade to an iPhone because of the problems I had with the S22 Ultra and the Note 10+ I had before it.

    • winner

      I've had two Pixels and have been quite happy with them.

      My impression that if you want the best hardware, but a bulky duplicative OS and some overcooked photos, go Samsung.

      If you want a better camera and a sleeker OS, but some bugs which usually get revised/patched over time, then Pixel.

  4. ChelseaMan

    Since the OxygenOS ColorOS merge is difficult to when comparing to other phones, the camera is all that's left on your list, so: Apple and Samsung have slightly different approaches to the provision of cameras - Apple has more AI support and fewer lenses.

    So the Apple has an ultrawide, and wide and a 3x optical, whereas Samsung has an ultrawide, a wide, and 10x and a 3x.

    One thing about the AI on the Apple phone that might be irritating, is that makes it more difficult to take a those deep blues of evening - always increasing the brightness to near 'normal' daylight.

    At the same time, in normal light, the Apple phone's picture is better than the Samsung's, although I can't tell you how - although it's probably something to do with that gloaming-killing AI.

  5. bgoodbody

    I have a Samsung S22 Ultra and am happy with it.

  6. simard57

    Thanks everyone for the responses.

    I am on a OnePlus 8 that I found as a sale from OnePlus last year. My wife has the OnePlus 9 pro and we do not love the curved display. we have gone through 4-5 screen protectors (but we purchased the T-Mo screen protector coverage, so it is a nuisance, not an expense).

    I will see what people are saying about the OS merger but I hope it does not diverge from what made Oxygen OS what it was.

    • simard57

      the OnePlus fast charging is a valued feature. are there others out that can compare?

      • winner

        I have not read about any other phones that charge as fast as OP.

        • simard57

          this has been a OnePlus feature for years. Surprised others have not replicated.

  7. jchampeau

    My next phone will likely be the iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C in fall 2023. Apple just has the ecosystem thing figured out.