Which List is Microsoft On?

I mean this to be a pragmatic inquiry and not a backdoor to inappropriate (for this forum) political free-for-all, and I trust the membership to observe the priorities here.

There’s a boycott movement afoot for people of a certain point of view to disassociate themselves and their custom from companies who have ongoing arrangements with a certain powerful special interest organization if those companies do not disassociate themselves with that special interest group.

My understanding is that as of right now, both Apple and Google have ongoing arrangements with the special interest organization and as yet have made no public statements about their intentions. Another group of companies are known either to not have such arrangements, or if they had such, have announced plans to disassociate from the special interest organization.

It’s a testament to Microsoft’s steady march to irrelevancy that they have been mostly overlooked in the current press coverage and do not appear on either the lists of associated or disassociated companies. The issue for smartphone users of a boycotting frame of mind is that if things remain as they are, there is nowhere to go since both Apple and Google are currently on the list of potential boycott targets. However, if Microsoft either is not associated or has or will soon announce plans to disassociate with the special interest organization, then they could provide a safe harbor for people wanting to boycott, notwithstanding the fact that it would mean switching to the Zombie Windows Mobile platform.

The issue and potential impact is larger than smartphones, of course, given the reach of all these companies. Amazon is also in the same position as Apple and Google, and if someone wanted to boycott Amazon, they are confronted by a similar dilemma, if, for example, they thought Google could be an alternative.


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