Why a smartphone?


I’ve been thinking, recently.

I wouldn’t have replaced my last smartphone, if it wasn’t for a long commute and Audible.

I currently have a fairly good phone, but I talk maybe 5 minutes a month on it. I never send or receive SMS. Data is used, mainly, for downloading new audio books on the move.

In essence, I just need an MP3 player that can play Audible books and podcasts. I could, theoretically, download these at home, before I go to work.

The phone sits on the table at home, until I leave. I then connect the headphones, listen to books/podcasts on the way to work / walking the dog etc. and then, at work, it sits on a corner of my desk, until I go back home.

That would save me 30€ a month on my contract (10GB data, unlimited calls and SMS). An MP3 player would also be a lot cheaper to replace than a smartphone.

Possibly the only thing I would miss is the odd message (Signal) from my other half, when she wants to pick me up from the office or I need to pick something up on the way home…

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