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Hey guys,

I had an idea that I wanted to share. I recently (read: finally) switched my wife and I over to Samsung S8, and S8+ respectively. We are both struggling with the transition to Android from windows 10, however it’s clear to us that platform doesn’t have a future unless Microsoft can sort out the app situation. Or until the world moves on from local apps to universal web apps of some kind as Paul has mentioned.

Anyway I’ve loaded up the Aero launcher and have began using Microsoft services that brought all my data over from my Lumia 950, so in many ways it’s like I never left. One drive even backs up the camera roll. Sweet!

But there are some things Microsoft did better, and I miss them. I was thinking what a shame that they can’t just forget first party hardware altogether, and build a launcher that mimics windows 10, including things I miss like how it handles notifications and less… Clutter… And go “all in” on that providing regular updates and features with the benefits of their design language and benefits, but also access to the Google play store. I bet market share of that launcher would exceed W10M quickly anyway. Hell, I’d even pay for it. I know my wife would.

What do you think? Aero launcher is great, but I miss having something official from MS that could bring their best to the android platform. The biggest things I miss are how they handle notifications (toasts which light up once brought out of my pocket), generally clean interface, live tiles (which surprises me since I generally always assumed widgets were better), and the keyboard. Omg the keyboard was amazing compared to anything else I’ve used yet, so far I’m on SwiftKey. It’s the best one I’ve tried, but the Word flow seems more intuitive by far. Let windows be windows, and do what it is great at, until the mobile position becomes viable. In the meantime extend their design language and services to the largest computing platform in the world, and do it well and in a way that compliments windows.

Sorry for the long post, looking forward to hearing what thoughts are. Also, I wonder if Paul would run Android with a WM10 launcher?

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