windows phone lack of apps workaround


Is pinning mobile websites to start screen the only way to get around businesses that don’t provide apps for windows phone? And is edge up to the task with remembering passwords for said mobile sites without third party help?

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  1. wunderbar

    Sorry, but it's late 2017. The workaround for the lack of Apps on the Windows Mobile platform is to stop using Windows Mobile.

  2. xperiencewindows

    I switched to iOS in April 2016 and cannot imagine using Windows Phone today. Use iOS or Android for a week and see how you feel.

  3. navarac

    No offence meant, but just get your head around to the fact that you're using a dead mobile phone system. Are you still using Windows 3.11 for instance? Go Android and just use the apps. You won't regret it THEA2.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    The workaround is to buy an iPhone or Android smartphone.

  5. kherm

    Stop trying to make this work. The dream is over, and it's been dead for 2 years. You're punishing yourself with Windows Mobile

  6. hrlngrv

    Become a UWP developer and make your own apps?

  7. jimchamplin

    It's dead. Just let it go.

  8. dhallman

    What a helpful bunch huh?

    Yes pinning websites has worked for me and Edge remembers passwords just fine - even on the Insiders program. Of course this will not solve everything as many apps do not offer a web service (snapchat for example). Some apps are still being updated (store, skype, mail and others updated with week along with their Windows 10 PC updates). And who knows, as developers move to PWAs we may just see more in the store over time. If you need to use a Windows phone for whatever reason you can use this approach.

  9. skborders

    I have been on an iPhone for 3 months and still miss Windows Mobile. I just don't miss the random lock ups and reboots. If the OS had been stable I would still be using it. I really didn't miss the apps.

    But everyone is correct. If you want apps that work, change platforms.

  10. lwetzel

    If it works for you.

  11. Sven Van de Velde

    I purchased today a Samsung Note 8. Although it is a fantastic machine, I miss WM10. The integration of outlook is terrible. No live tiles, no windows feeling. It is like being at the wrong place. The camera is now only 12 MP, I came from 18 MP on my 950XL.

    So I would say damn you Microsoft for letting us down. You destroyed your WM10 ecosystem. You didn't even try. Now you are milking the cash cow with office licenses is all we can expect from Microsoft in the near future, until it is eventually replaced by other softwares too.

  12. thea2_

    Ok, seems like advice is to sell hardware and buy other Os; must be nice to buy new every year. But where to get dual sim phones that have Qi charging, and are unlocked. With other Os it seems as if purchased hardware doesn't evolve much past the current Os, unless going with apple, which seems to devolving in the case of features of said hardware. So I guess i'll stick with WM10 till 2019, pity.

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