windows s


could this be the way to grow the store to bring out a surface phone running windows phone s not mobile.

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  1. jimchamplin

    It's to have an non-legacy future for Windows. Hands down. That's the reason. Microsoft doesn't care about the "Surface Phone" buzz.

  2. Sadiya Khan

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  3. Tony Barrett

    Sure - MS hope this re-ignites interest in the Win10 app store, get's more people using their services and drives longer term user adoption and eventually lock-in, but in reality, this is Windows Mobile for desktop, just running on Intel at the moment, and with all the limitations that brings.

    Win10S is where MS want's windows to go, and will likely be the foundation for any Surface Phone (if it ever releases one). If you want Win32 support, MS would really like you to re-package them as UWP beforehand.

  4. chriscarstens

    I'm wondering if I will be able to install 10 S on an existing machine with 10 already installed? I love my wife but she breaks stuff -- and has a nasty habit of clicking on email links -- I think the S version might prevent some future infestations. I was in the Microsoft store yesterday, and they said it wasn't available except on the new laptop series. Any rumors or thoughts????