Best/Most Annoying Tech/Tech Related Commericals – Past/Present


What is everyone’s favorite and most annoying tech/tech related commercials?


Most Annoying:

The Discovery Plus commercials! The spam of the airwaves!


The recent Apple iPhone purple commercial. Well done, and captivating.

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4 responses to “Best/Most Annoying Tech/Tech Related Commericals – Past/Present”

  1. jhambi

    Best - Any Ad with the Rolling Stones. So Apple's "Colors" (I do hope they redo it with the new imacs) and Microsoft Windows 95 "Start Me Up"

  2. wright_is

    I never really watch commercials. I think the only 2 tech commercials that really stick in my mind are the Apple 1984 commercial and the Fortnite re-make.

  3. boots

    The Microsoft Songsmith commercial is not only the worst tech/tech related commercial, but probably the worst commercial ever.

  4. red.radar

    Ok... I am going to come out the closet. I actually like the Mac vs PC commericals. They were kind of funny.